FIFA-licensed games to disappear completely

While it’s true that everything has been exciting since the launch of EA Sports FC 24, it’s not all... Eduardo | 3. October 2023

While it’s true that everything has been exciting since the launch of EA Sports FC 24, it’s not all good news for fans of the legendary FIFA game series. And the fact is that this popular soccer simulator’s entire collection of games will disappear completely and will no longer be accessible.

The arrival of EA Sports FC 24 generated a division of opinions among gamers. Indeed, the game has just arrived on all platforms, but there are more bad comments and bad ratings than good ones. However, this kind of news makes the current situation much worse.

End of the FIFA era completely

All those who love soccer simulation games, specifically FIFA, know perfectly well all the problems EA Sports had with FIFA. Due to this problem, the parties did not want to renew their collaboration contract, so the game developers had to change the name to EA Sports FC 24.

However, everything indicates that EA made a much more drastic decision than expected regarding the old FIFA games. According to some rumors, EA would eliminate all games with the FIFA name from all platforms. In addition, it is also highlighted that the relationship between EA and FIFA was not good at all.

These rumors surfaced a few days ago, and some users shared their concerns on social networks.

Even if we go to Steam, for example, if we search for FIFA, we won’t get any results other than EA Sports FC or FIFA 23. On the other hand, there may still be FIFA 22 or FIFA 23 on different platforms, but you can’t buy them any more; the only way to play them is through an EA Play subscription.

As a result, everything indicates that EA wants to cut all ties with FIFA definitively.

Launch of EA Sports FC 24

While it is true that the game is less than a week old since its official launch, there are many mixed opinions. If we go to Steam, we can see that the game’s rating is really low, having only 50% of positive ratings. In addition, players complain about uncommon game errors and, above all, in the menus.

On the other hand, they also strongly criticize the “lack of innovation” and the few changes compared to previous games. Personally, that was the first thing I noticed when I first opened EA Sports FC 24, as it seemed to me the same game as FIFA 23.

Another criticism was regarding the instability of the servers and especially the AI. Finally, it is fair to mention that EA Sports FC 24 has not yet convinced many gamers.

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