Watson dominates Dota 2 EU rankings with 1st and 2nd place

In the European region, Dota 2 player Alimzhan “Watson” Islambekov, made headlines, as he currently dominates first and second... Fragster | 21. November 2023

In the European region, Dota 2 player Alimzhan “Watson” Islambekov, made headlines, as he currently dominates first and second place in the rankings. A testimonial for his talent, for sure.

Kazakhstan’s Watson is not only number one, but also number two in the European Dota 2 rankings as of this year. With two accounts, Watson recently reached an impressive milestone in the esport during The International in a second region. While participating in the event, the exceptional player’s second account reached the top spot in the North American rankings. This means that Watson has two top-ranked accounts at the same time – something that has never happened before.

Entity’s Carry Watson is unstoppable

The 21-year-old Entity Gaming player is back in Europe after the TI and is currently playing ranked games on the European server, which has resulted in his second account climbing up the European leaderboards. Now, Watson’s second account, Egoisto, has landed in second place in the rankings.

He is currently in both first and second place in the European Dota 2 rankings.

Standings EU Dota 2 Title

He has held the first place for quite some time now, but this time his second account, is just below the first one and trying to reach Number one, too.

In the last 8 Days, he played 9 and 16 games on the main and secondary accounts respectively. The first account has a win rate of 33%, while the second one has 56%. His most played Hero during the last week was Faceless Void.

While some might think, that this is a rare occurence – you are wrong: during The International 2023, he took first and second place in the American region, and around the same time, he was in first place in the EU and Northamerica at the same time.

No luck at the International for Watson and his team

Although he has conquered the rankings, Watson has yet to win a major trophy in his competitive career. Although the young Kazakh made it to this year’s International with Entity, the team was eliminated early in the tournament, as well as at the Riyadh Masters. Recently, the team missed out on participating in ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 because  Team Secret shocked everyone, as they worked their way up from underdogs to favorites and made an impressive run in the lower bracket, leaving Entity with no chance.

But who knows what’s to come, Watson has certainly attracted attention with this performance and it seems the player still has a lot of plans.


Header Credit: Hellraiser