FIFA 23 strategy that will make you succeed in FUT

The best tactic in the FIFA 23 meta to win FUT in both Rivals and FUT Champions is what... Maria | 24. February 2023

The best tactic in the FIFA 23 meta to win FUT in both Rivals and FUT Champions is what we have for you today. We can only confirm that we are returning to a tried and tested method because practically everyone finds it the most effective.

Formations such as 1-3-5-2 and 1-4-2-3-1 often carry a high level of risk. Both are formations for exceptional profiles, so avoiding them is advisable.

The best strategies for FUT in FIFA 23

It should be noted that there are many nuances. The first one is the type of console you use to play. So, for example, even on PlayStation, playing on the PS4 version versus the PS5 version is different. Also, each player has a different training or playing style, so we adjust to something more general.

On this occasion, we advise choosing the typical 1-4-4-2 formation, adaptable in attack and defense.


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General 1-4-4-2 strategies

On defense, we’ll start by trying a steady shot with everything balanced. Then, we’ll split the difference between the defensive approach and the width and depth, either 50/50 or 45/50, if you like to close down the middle a little more.

For the offensive plan, we’ll continue to look for balance in both playing strategy and creating chances. While we don’t advise deviating too much from these points, we can include long balls in the game plan if you prefer to run and want a bit of diversity.

To avoid losing our wide players and having them stay away, we will increase the width to 40, and with players in the box, we will be more aggressive: at least five players will be present. This is an essential component of our attacks, with which we will take advantage of the rebound. We leave it up to you for fouls and corners, but we recommend sending a few players.

As mentioned, we want an MC to participate in the attack to take advantage of any rebound. In addition, he will also be helpful in case we can steal a ball near the enemy area and attack again with everything. Consequently, the two midfielders we suggest you choose in that double pivot have a work rate: High/High.

Specific settings for the best FIFA 23 tactics in FUT

  • Goalkeeper: the goalkeeper will be instructed to go for crosses and act as a sweeper.
  • Defenders: the center backs will be left by default as they come, and the full backs will only be instructed to stay back, and we will specify the precise movement.
  • Midfielders: these two players are others that we will leave with the configuration already predefined by the game, and we will only indicate that in defense, they should mark the center.
  • Interiors: the two players we have open their respective wings will have the same indications. Everything will be by default, and we will only indicate that they should go down to defend in defense and that they should go in to finish off the crosses.
  • Forwards: We will not give them unmarking instructions; it is better to do it manually. We will try to hunt goods with five weak legs in the market. It is a feature that costs a lot of output but compensates enormously because it will allow us a lot of attacking versatility.

That said, you can make an excellent showing in all FUT modes with this tactical meta for FIFA 23. It’s a simple structure for veteran users of EA’s main game and newcomers.

Header: EA Sports