How to Earn Coins in EA Sports FC 24: A Comprehensive Guide

In EA Sports FC 24, building the ultimate team is a dream for many gamers, but achieving it requires... Aleksandar | 7. February 2024

In EA Sports FC 24, building the ultimate team is a dream for many gamers, but achieving it requires one crucial element: coins. These coins are the lifeblood of the game, used to buy players, improve your squad, and unlock special items.

However, many players find it challenging to gather enough coins to make significant progress. This hurdle can turn the excitement of team building into a daunting task.

Recognizing this common struggle, our guide focuses on how to earn coins in EA Sports FC 24 effectively. We aim to equip you with strategies and insights to boost your coin balance and build the team you’ve always wanted.

The Basics of Coin Earning in EA Sports FC 24

Coins are the currency in EA Sports FC 24, which are essential for every player aiming to strengthen their team. With coins, you can purchase players from the transfer market, buy packs from the store, and acquire other crucial items that enhance your squad’s capabilities.

Essentially, coins empower you to make key decisions that shape your team’s identity and success on the field. Earning coins in EA Sports FC 24 can be approached through various strategies, each offering its own set of rewards.

Playing matches is the most straightforward method, where your performance on the pitch directly translates to coins. Whether it’s competing in online modes such as Division Rivals and Squad Battles or engaging in offline matches, every game played contributes to your coin balance.

Trading on the transfer market is another lucrative approach, which involves buying low and selling high to turn a profit. Completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) is a puzzle-like aspect where assembling specific squads can yield great rewards, including coins.

Additionally, participating in in-game events and completing daily and weekly objectives can offer substantial coin bonuses. Each method requires a different level of engagement and knowledge, but together, they provide a comprehensive toolkit for any player looking to boost their coin count.

Playing Matches to Earn Coins

Playing matches in EA Sports FC 24 is a direct and engaging way to earn coins. Whether you’re just starting or looking to maximize your earnings, understanding how to leverage match play is key.

This section explores the reward structure of different match types and provides strategies to optimize your playtime for the best coin return.

Match Rewards

Whether won or lost, every match played in EA Sports FC 24 rewards players with coins. The three main modes are Division Rivals, Squad Battles, and Weekend League, each offering unique earning opportunities. 

Division Rivals pits you against players of similar skill levels in online matches, with weekly rewards based on your performance. Squad Battles allow you to compete against AI-controlled teams, with rewards distributed weekly according to your rank.

Weekend League is the competitive pinnacle, offering substantial rewards for those who perform well in this time-limited event. The better you perform, the higher your rewards, making each match a valuable step towards building your ultimate team.

Optimizing Match Play

To maximize coin earnings from matches, consider these strategies:

  • Choose the right difficulty: Playing at a level where you’re comfortably winning maximizes points in modes such as Squad Battles, which impacts your weekly rewards.
  • Participate in both online and offline Modes: Diversify your play between online modes such as Division Rivals and offline ones like Squad Battles to maximize earning opportunities.
  • Leverage match bonuses: Take advantage of any active coin boosts or special event bonuses to increase your match earnings.
  • Focus on winning: While all matches reward you, winning maximizes your earnings, especially in Division Rivals and Weekend League.
  • Play regularly: Consistent play not only improves your skills but also ensures you’re always earning coins and not missing out on weekly rewards.

By following these strategies, you’ll enjoy the game more and find your coin balance growing, allowing you to further invest in your EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Trading on the Transfer Market

Trading on the transfer market in EA Sports FC 24

The transfer market in EA Sports FC 24 is a bustling hub where players can buy and sell footballers to strengthen their teams. Mastering trading on this platform is a vital skill for those wondering how to earn coins in EA Sports FC 24.

The Basics of Trading

Trading on the transfer market revolves around buying players for less than their market value and selling them for a profit. The market fluctuates based on demand and supply, influenced by in-game events, player performances, and time of the week.

Understanding these dynamics is crucial. Success requires keen observation, patience, and a bit of market research to identify undervalued players and time your sales for maximum profit.

Successful Trading Strategies

To excel in trading and boost your coin balance, consider these strategies:

  • Sniping: Focus on quickly buying players listed below market value and reselling them for a profit. This requires fast reactions and a good understanding of player prices.
  • Flipping cards: Buy players during market lows and sell when the market peaks to capitalize on natural price fluctuations.
  • Timing the market: Pay attention to in-game events that affect player demand. Selling before or after these events can maximize profits.
  • Investing in potential: Buy players who might receive a boost from real-life performances or upcoming SBC requirements.
  • Utilize filters: Use market filters to narrow down search results for sniping or identifying undervalued players.

Adopting these strategies can greatly enhance your ability to earn coins in EA Sports FC 24. Start with a small budget to learn the ropes and gradually increase your investment as you become more confident in your trading skills.

Using Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)

Using Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in Ea Sports FC 24

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) in EA Sports FC 24 offer a unique way for players to engage with their team and the broader game environment while earning valuable rewards, including coins, player packs, and special items.

Understanding how to effectively complete SBCs can be a game-changer for those looking to boost their coin balance and enhance their team’s competitiveness.

Completing SBCs

SBCs require players to submit squads that meet specific criteria, such as nationality, league, or team chemistry, in exchange for rewards. These challenges range from simple requiring basic squad combinations to complex puzzles demanding high-rated players and intricate chemistry links.

Successfully completing SBCs not only tests your squad-building skills but also rewards you with coins, packs, or players that can greatly improve your team or be sold for a profit on the transfer market.

Strategic Approaches to SBCs

Maximizing profits from SBCs involves careful selection, timing, and resource management. Focus on completing SBCs that offer the best value for your investment, considering the cost of assembling the required squad versus the potential reward.

Use fodder – low-cost, high-rated players – wisely to meet squad rating requirements without overspending. Additionally, timing your SBC completions can significantly impact their profitability. For instance, completing and selling rewards during peak market demand can yield higher returns.

Always keep an eye on the market trends and upcoming game events, as they can affect both the cost of completing challenges and the value of the rewards. By adopting a strategic approach to SBCs, you can turn these challenges into a lucrative source of coins and valuable players for your Ultimate Team.

Exploiting In-Game Events and Objectives

Objectives in EA Sports FC 24

If you’re wondering how to earn coins in EA Sports FC 24, you might want to start participating in in-game events and completing objectives. These features not only enrich the gameplay experience but also offer substantial rewards.

Understanding how to engage with these aspects effectively can significantly boost your coin earnings and provide resources to enhance your Ultimate Team.

In-Game Events

EA Sports FC 24 regularly hosts limited-time events that present unique opportunities for players to earn extra coins, packs, and exclusive items. Events such as FUT Birthday, Team of the Year (TOTY), and Road to the Final (RTTF) often include special challenges and objectives.

Participating in these events can yield generous rewards, as completing event-specific challenges or winning event-related matches often grants higher coin payouts than regular gameplay.

Engaging with these events as they occur is a smart way to accumulate coins and secure special items that can improve your squad or be sold for a profit.

Daily and Weekly Objectives

Completing daily and weekly objectives is another effective method for earning coins in EA Sports FC 24. These objectives range from simple tasks, such as scoring goals with players from a specific nation to more complex achievements, such as winning a set number of matches in a particular game mode.

Milestone rewards for cumulative achievements provide significant coin bonuses and special packs, encouraging regular engagement with the game. Staying active and completing these objectives consistently can lead to a steady influx of coins, helping you build and maintain a competitive team.

Prioritizing objectives that align with your gameplay style and squad needs can maximize your earnings and contribute to your Ultimate Team’s growth.

Investing in Player Packs and Special Items

Player Packs in EA Sports FC 24

In the dynamic world of EA Sports FC 24, investing in player packs and special items represents a high-stakes strategy for enhancing your Ultimate Team and earning coins.

This approach demands a deep understanding of the game’s economy and market trends, as it involves both potential high rewards and significant risks.

Packs as an Investment

Investing in player packs involves purchasing them with the hope of obtaining valuable players or items that can be sold for a profit on the transfer market. The allure of pulling a high-rated or in-demand player from a pack is tempting, offering the possibility of a substantial return on investment.

However, the risk associated with pack investments is equally significant, as the odds of receiving top-tier players are low, and many packs yield items worth less than the cost of the pack itself. This gamble means that while some players may strike gold, others may find their investment does not pay off.

Investing in Special Items and Promos

Promo cards and special items, released during limited-time events or promotions, offer a more strategic investment opportunity. These items often increase in value over time, especially if they become relevant for Squad Building Challenges or due to performance-based upgrades. 

Investing in these cards requires timing and market knowledge, as purchasing when supply is high but demand is low can lead to profits when the market shifts. For example, buying Team of the Week (TOTW) players during their initial release and selling when they are out of packs can yield significant returns.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear that mastering various strategies is key to building your ultimate team. Each method, from playing matches to trading on the transfer market, offers unique opportunities to increase your coin balance.

I encourage you to experiment with these approaches to discover what aligns best with your playstyle and goals. Remember, success in EA Sports FC 24 comes from strategic planning and smart execution. Stay motivated and focused on your objectives, and use the insights provided here as a roadmap to earning coins.

With dedication and savvy gameplay, you’re well on your way to assembling the dream team you’ve always wanted. I hope you liked this article and learned how to earn coins in EA Sports FC 24.