FaZe Clan win CS Asia Championships

First we thought it was a fluke. Then we thought it was just a matter of time until someone... Radu M. | 12. November 2023

First we thought it was a fluke. Then we thought it was just a matter of time until someone dethroned FaZe Clan. Now we know for sure that they’re the strongest team in CS2. This is undoubtedly their era and it will take a lot of effort to stop them.

Natus Vincere is in shambles after s1mple’s replacement, G2 Esports have reportedly benched jks, Astralis are not strong enough to beat the world’s best teams yet, Vitality lost zonic and Magisk, and competitors like MOUZ, ENCE, and NiP are clearly not able to beat FaZe because they already tried and failed.

This situation leaves FaZe with no real opponents until next year. By the looks of things, we are going to witness a FaZe Clan era that will lost even longer than the one from 2022.

Why FaZe are winning

It’s not clear yet what FaZe Clan’s player have figured out about CS2 that others didn’t. But it is clear that they’re exploiting the game’s flaws and features better than anyone else.

Let’s not forget that FaZe Clan ended CS:GO on a low note. They finished 9th – 12th at IEM Cologne, 9th – 16th at Gamers8, and 9th – 12th at ESL Pro league S18. Then, all of a sudden, they won IEM Sydney, Thunderpick World Championship, and now CS Asia Championships. That’s quite a transformation, and it happened in front of everyone!

FaZe Clan’s players are defining the meta with their tactics and in-game decisions. Or maybe they’re just exploiting the fact that everyone needs to make more use of standard rifles and less use of the AWP. In that kind of battle, the firepower of ropz, Twistzz, and rain is much stronger than that of most of the other teams.

If a team is used to constantly playing around an AWPer, the transition to a 5-man AK or M4A4 playstyle is probably quite challenging. And the option of not changing the overall strategy is not viable at the moment.

There’s a reason why s1mple, one of the best AWPers in the history of the game, decided to quit until CS2 gets fixed. Looking at the ridiculous YouTube clips uploaded by the community clearly shows how bad the AWP is at the moment.

At CS Asia Championships, FaZe Clan defeated NiP, MOUZ, ENCE, and MOUZ again to claim the trophy. This victory was well-deserved and there’s no end in sight.

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