Esports organizations Galaxy Racer & Team Nigma are merging

Esports organizations Galaxy Racer and Team Nigma have announced that they are merging together, helping to create Nigma Galaxy.... | 20. September 2021

Esports organizations Galaxy Racer and Team Nigma have announced that they are merging together, helping to create Nigma Galaxy. The two organizations will continue to operate separately, however there will be a strong focus upon developing talent in the Middle Eastern scene.

Galaxy Racer is an organization that competes in a host of Esports titles, while they also focus upon lifestyle and content creation. Meanwhile, Nigma has significant competitive expertise, which should make the merger a win-win for all involved. The merger means that Nigma will rebrand to Nigma Galaxy, taking charge of Galaxy Racer’s Esports division from their headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

What Galaxy Racer has said on the merger

Rather than focusing solely on Dota 2, Nigma Galaxy will be operating across a host of leading Esports titles, including CS:GO, VALORANT, League of Legends, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. In total, the organization will now have to look after some 60 pro’s, from 20+ different countries. Nigma co-founders Mohamed Morad, Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi and Christoph Timm are leading the new venture.

Meanwhile, Nigma Racer will have its own budget, objectives and branding, with Galaxy Racer CEO, Paul Roy, having stated the following: “We are excited to announce our merger with Team Nigma to transform our competitive esports division into Nigma Galaxy. Team Nigma’s leadership team carries vast experience as professional players, which we believe will be a great asset to building and supporting all the teams under the Nigma Galaxy banner.

Celebrating and nurturing the untapped gaming community around the world is what Galaxy Racer was founded on. With this merger, we believe we will be able to truly unlock this potential and shape the future of esports on a global scale.”

Nigma has been quick to make an impression upon the Esports scene, after acquiring the majority of Team Liquid’s successful Dota 2 roster back in 2019. The organization has announced a host of major partnerships, including with Etihad Airways. The Middle Eastern Esports scene is growing quickly, with Nigma Galaxy undoubtedly hoping that it can take full advantage of this. However, the org also has plans to move into Europe, Southeast Asia, China and the Americas.

Having his say on the matter, Morad stated that: “Galaxy Racer has a brilliant understanding of the entertainment business and together we share a mutual passion for supporting and nurturing talent within the MENA region. There is also a lot of natural synergy between our brands with Nigma meaning “star” in Arabic. Before this merger, Nigma was a single star. By becoming Nigma Galaxy, we will have a Galaxy full of stars.”

What the future holds for Galaxy Racer

Galaxy Racer will also look to develop its content brand, while also growing when it comes to event organising, merchandise and streaming. The org has also recently lauanched its own record label, known as GXR Records. The org has over 80 content creators to its name already, who come with an online following of over 330 million.