| 18. December 2020

Super Baby Leaked for Dragon Ball FighterZ

The wait is finally over: Super Baby has just leaked as the final DLC Pass 3 character for Dragon Ball FighterZ! Fans of DB GT will surely be elated at this exciting bit of news, and it’s easy to understand why. The sheer fact that we’re getting such a high-profile villain makes this pass quite alluring, to say the least! Also, as far as DLC passes go, this one is incredibly entertaining as it spans nearly all editions of Dragon Ball — it includes Goku Ultra-Instinct, Majin Vegeta, Master Roshi, Kefla, Raditz, and now even Super Baby.

Talk about a wide range of fighers!

Not everyone’s partial to Dragon Ball GT, but still — this is better than getting yet another variant of Goku, so we’re not complaining!

Dragon Ball FighterZ | Super Baby Abilities

Thanks to a recent leak of Weekly Jump magazine, we have a somewhat faint idea of what Super Baby’s moveset will look like. Namely, his well-known brainwashing ability from the anime will make an appearance. According to this leak, Super Baby will be able to “resurrect” KO’d fighters and force them attack his opponent. There’s also a mention of Oozaru as his Meteor Super attack which would transform him into the Great Ape.

You can check out some of his promotional material down below:

Quite exciting stuff! We’re bound to get an official reveal as well at during this weekend’s National Championship finals! A badly photographed magazine scan sure does get the hype roling, but it pales in comparison to a full-fledged reveal trailer! That’s for sure.

At the time of this writing, there’s still no official release date to speak of. Regardless, Namco did mention January a couple of months back, so that’d be a pretty darn good guess. In the meantime, we’ll have to sit tight for a couple of days before that official trailer hits the web!