Overwatch: Venture Voice Actor, Abilities, and More

The countdown has begun for Overwatch 2’s newest protagonist Venture, whose debut is just around the corner. Blizzard Entertainment... Stalingrad | 1. April 2024

The countdown has begun for Overwatch 2’s newest protagonist Venture, whose debut is just around the corner. Blizzard Entertainment has opened the door for players to glimpse what skills and mechanics will go into this new roster addition. Buckle up, because this tour of Venture’s kit is bound to have you curious and eagerly anticipating their arrival.

The Voice Behind Venture


While Venture’s voice actor remains a mystery for now, Blizzard does a good job of sourcing established talent to animate their characters. If past hero releases are any indication, a familiar voice will be bringing Venture’s persona to life. Speculation abounds, with some drawing parallels to Justine Lee, the voice behind Ken Amada in Persona 3 Reload, but only time will tell who will lend their vocal cords to this enigmatic newcomer.

Venture’s Arsenal


Venture’s primary weapon is the “Smart Excavator Weapon,” a powerful piece of artillery that fires seismic charges that can explode in a short distance. This primary attack mode boasts a punch, dishing out massive area-of-effect damage upon impact.

But what makes Venture so great is its mobility and versatility. The “Burrow” ability allows them to quite literally bury themselves underground, rendering them invulnerable to damage for a brief period. While subterranean, players can still control Venture’s movements, emerging at a strategic location to catch unsuspecting foes off-guard with a burst of damage.

Complementing their burrowing capabilities is the “Drill Dash,” a high-velocity maneuver that propels Venture forward, damaging and displacing enemies in their path. This ability’s vertical range adds an extra dimension to Venture’s mobility, enabling it to scale obstacles and catch airborne adversaries off-guard.

When the stakes are highest, Venture can unleash their “Tectonic Shock Ultimate,” a seismic onslaught that empowers their drill and releases devastating shockwaves, obliterating any foe foolish enough to stand in their path.

Passive Prowess


Venture’s passive skills further cement their position as a force to be reckoned with. The “Explorer’s Resolve” grants them temporary shields whenever they use abilities, giving them a welcome buffer against damage while performing risky, high-reward moves.

And when close combat is inevitable, Venture’s “Clobber” passive gives their quick melee attacks a little extra punch – making them a formidable opponent at point-blank range.

Venture’s Free Trial


Though Venture isn’t officially coming until Overwatch 2’s Season 10 on 16 April 2024, players can pre-order the dynamic newcomer today. Blizzard is launching a free trial March 28 – 31, 2024, so you can try Venture’s playstyle out for yourself.

This limited-time playtest will undoubtedly provide some invaluable information about Venture’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential relationships with existing heroes. The venture will be a part of the constantly changing Overwatch 2 meta as teams try to figure out how to best utilize its seismic power.

The Evolution Continues


Every release of a hero brings new mechanics and playstyles that keep Overwatch 2 fresh and fun. Venture’s arrival promises to shake the old order and force players to rethink their tactics.

As the countdown to their debut ticks away, speculation and anticipation will only continue to mount. Will Venture redefine the damage-dealing role, or will it carve out a whole new niche within the game’s ecosystem? We shall see, though one thing is sure: time is going to tell. This seismic innovation is about to shake the Overwatch 2 experience to the core.