DreamLeague S21 day 2 results

Day 2 of DreamLeague S21 is over and many of the qualified teams are already known. Day 3 will... Radu M. | 19. September 2023

Day 2 of DreamLeague S21 is over and many of the qualified teams are already known. Day 3 will bring just one more match for each competitor, so there isn’t much room for drastic changes in the rankings tables of groups A and B.

Quite surprisingly, Shopify Rebellion is leading in group A, while Team Spirit is almost guaranteed to win group B. Meanwhile, competitors like Evil Geniuses, Quest Esports, Talon Esports, and Team Liquid are facing elimination.

Group A results

Day 2 of DreamLeague S21 brought two draws and two valuable points for Talon. The first one was against Liquid while the second one was against Entity. The only problem is that they’ll have to play against Shopify Rebellion on day 3 and only a victory can help them. This means that they are almost guaranteed to fail.

Tundra obtained three more points and is now ranked 3rd in group A, on par with 9Pandas whose score is also 5 W – 3 L. The team led by Alexey “Solo” Berezin suffered its first defeat of the tournament against Shopify Rebellion. Nobody expected this outcome but it doesn’t really change much.

9Pandas are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs at this point and their last match will be against Entity, which means they’re likely to finish in the top 2.

Group B results

In group B, OG continued to impress and obtained two points after a draw against Quest and one against BetBoom Team.

Team Spirit, as everyone expected, crushed both Evil Geniuses and Quest, pretty much qualifying for the upper bracket of the playoffs.

Gaimin Gladiators, the team we all expected to win the tournament or at least play in the Grand Final, had another rough day and only got two points after a defeat against BetBoom and a victory against EG.

Given that GG are currently placed 4th with three points while Quest Esports and EG are the bottom two teams with two points and one point respectively, both of these teams are almost certainly eliminated.

The only remaining question in group B is who will advance to the upper bracket and who will go to the lower bracket. By the looks of things, Spirit and BetBoom will be the two winners, while OG and Gladiators will be the remaining qualified teams.

Of course, OG could change this by winning their match against Spirit, but that’s not very likely to happen.

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