IEM Rio Major European RMRs day one results

The first day of the European RMRs for IEM Rio Major ended almost exactly as the statistics had indicated.... Radu M. | 5. October 2022

The first day of the European RMRs for IEM Rio Major ended almost exactly as the statistics had indicated. Out of the 16 matches that were played, only one of them was an upset. And it wasn’t even a major upset but rather, a clash between two titans, Astralis and Ninjas in Pyjamas, that ended with the victory of the slightly weaker team (NiP).

Astralis weren’t the only top team that had difficulties on day one. FaZe Clan nearly lost their match against Team GamerLegion and needed four sessions of overtime to win. The final score was 28-25.

European RMR A

The most dominant victory of the first day was obtained by G2 Esports, who seemed determined to prove themselves after losing the semifinals of ESL Pro League Season 16 against Team Vitality. Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov’s team played against ECSTATIC and won without losing a single round.

We rarely see a 16-0 victory in CS:GO, so this one was quite special. M0NESY finished the match with a K-D score of 18-4. The best player on the server was Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen, whose rating 2.0 was 2.21.

The other top teams that won their respective matches were Fnatic (16-4 against Aurora), Cloud9 (16-6 against B8), and Team Spirit (16-9 against 1win). FaZe Clan struggled but eventually managed to win. Astralis lost. We’ll see what happens on day two.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, Astralis have a high chance of not qualifying for the Major. Their second opponent will be Eternal Fire. The Turkish team lost against Bad News Eagles (14-16).

European RMR B

In the second European RMR for IEM Rio Major, the only important team that lost on day one was OG. Their match against MOUZ was quite difficult, so it’s understandable why they couldn’t win it.

Everyone else won with ease. Natus Vincere smashed Illuminar Gaming (16-5), Heroic did the same against SAW (16-5), and Team Vitality had no problems against FANTASY (16-6). The other winners were ENCE, BIG, Outsiders, and Team Falcons.

The second competitive day will complicate things and will tell us if the top teams are strong enough to win against tier one competitors. Their first match was against tier two teams, so it’s not very relevant. But the next one will be.

Na’Vi will take on MOUZ, ENCE will play against Falcons, Heroic will fight against Outsiders, and Vitality will encounter BIG.

In the other four matches, the only relevant one is OG versus Illuminar Gaming. OG must win to have a realistic chance of qualifying for the Major.

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