DreamHack World Tour 2023 announced 

The notorious esports tournament organiser DreamHack has announced plans for season 2023 along with the schedule for the upcoming... Harrison | 14. December 2022

The notorious esports tournament organiser DreamHack has announced plans for season 2023 along with the schedule for the upcoming events.

Next year, DreamHack plans to host 12 festivals across Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania in 2023.


The events are set to take place in Australia, Spain, United States, India, Germany, and Sweden as well as Japan.

The events will be hosting iconic competitions in CS:GO such as Intel Extreme Master Dallas in CS:GO. DreamHack Hanover is set to host the ESL Challenger event. Snapdragon Pro Series Challenge North America Finals will be at DreamHack San Diego. DreamHack Atlanta and DreamHack Melbourne will both be featuring ESL Challenger but DreamHack Atlanta will also be a host to Fighter Championships. 

Here’s the full DreamHack 2023 calendar: 

Date Location Event Name 
April 7th-9th San Diego, California DreamHack San Diego
April 28th-30th Melbourne, Australia DreamHack Melbourne
May 13th-14th Makuhari, Japan DreamHack Japan
June 2nd-4th Texas, USA DreamHack Dallas
June 8th-11th Hanover, Germany DreamHack Hanover
June 16th-18th Jönköping, Sweden DreamHack Summer
July 7th-9th Valencia, Spain  DreamHack Valencia
October 29th-30th Hyderabad, India DreamHack Hyderabad
November 24th-26th Jönköping, Sweden Dreamhack Winter
December 7th-10th Valencia, Spain  DreamHack Valencia
December 14th-17th Hanover, Germany  DreamHack Hanover
December 15th-17th Georgia, USA  DreamHack Atlanta


Following the announcement, Shahin Zarrabi who is a VP of Strategy and Growth for DreamHack stated: 

“DreamHack is a festival for all gamers which creates an arena where you can come to connect, explore, win, play a part, and be yourself through a gaming lifestyle experience.

With debut appearances in Japan and in San Diego in the US, coupled with returns to cities such as Melbourne, Valencia, Hyderabad and Jönköping, 2023 will be the most global and diverse DreamHack tour to date.”

A brief history of DreamHack

DreamHack started out as a small gathering of friends along with their computers at a school cafeteria with no online access. However, thanks to the passion involved, this small gathering grows.

In 2011, the company went through corporate reform, which renewed its administration. It held events twice a year, a tradition that has kept on going to this day.

DreamHack summer focuses on video games, while Dreamhack winter is focused on computer program demos. The organizer also once hosted League of Legends season 1 World Championships. It was the only esports organisation to host the League Of Legends World Championships. In 2020, DreamHack merged with ESL. 

Nowadays, DreamHack is known for its production quality in various events, including major esports titles such as CS:GO, DOTA 2, among others.

As esports continues to grow, DreamHack has solidified its position as one of the leading organizers in esports and introduced new LAN experiences over the years.  

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