BLAST Spring Showdown 2024 Schedule and Matchups Revealed

The BLAST Spring Showdown acts as a last-chance qualifier for the BLAST Spring Final, a $425,000 tournament featuring eight... Owen | 27. February 2024

The BLAST Spring Showdown acts as a last-chance qualifier for the BLAST Spring Final, a $425,000 tournament featuring eight of the best teams in the world. Sixteen teams participate in the Showdown, and only two will make it through.

BLAST Spring Showdown Schedule, Prizes, And Format

The BLAST Spring Showdown is a five-day tournament that will run from the 6th to the 10th of March. 

$135,000 in prize money will be distributed to the teams, but the participants are mainly aiming for qualification to the BLAST Spring Final, which only the top two teams will receive. Additionally, the first and second placers will pocket an additional $20,000.

Sixteen teams were placed in a single elimination bracket starting from Round 16 matches. However, since only two will advance, teams who win their Semi Final matches will complete the task, and no Grand Final match is needed. All matches are in Best of 3 format.

Teams And Matchups

For ease of understanding, BLAST has divided the teams into two brackets. Here is how the bracket will develop.

Bracket 1

The first bracket headlines Cloud9, Heroic, and Team Liquid.

Image via BLAST.tv

Cloud9 will come into the Spring Showdown as heavy favorites, and their first opponent is Rare Atom, a Chinese team. Boombl4 and the boys are expected to win the entire event, so they should have no trouble winning their opening match.

Despite being an entirely new roster, Heroic has shown immense potential, also recently qualifying for the Major. Ninjas in Pyjamas have a low chance of winning this match.

Team Liquid had reinvented their roster with high-profile names, but they have looked shaky in North America. SAW, who went on a 3-2 run to qualify for Copenhagen, has a good shot at winning this matchup. This should be close to a 50-50 game.

The last matchup is Complexity against OG. The European squad looked extremely weak in the RMR, going out 1-3. On the other hand, Complexity has yet to play in official matches since IEM Katowice. Though Complexity should win this series, there is a slight chance OG could upset.

Bracket 2

The second bracket has more hype surrounding it compared to the opposite group. Not only will donk be playing in Bracket 2, but s1mple will make his debut in the Team Falcons jersey.

Image via BLAST.tv

Fans will instantly get the main course, as the first matchup is between Team Falcons and Metizport. Swedish team Metizport isn’t that bad of a team, but on paper, the Falcons have more firepower and experience. Will s1mple show us a masterclass performance?

The next series features Monte and Imperial. Just recently, Monte’s captain, sdy, had departed from the roster. His replacement is yet to be announced, but even so, Monte should have a really good chance at defeating the Brazilians at Imperial. 

Team Spirit and donk will face Elevate, a North American roster with relatively unknown players. This should be a very fast 2-0 for Team Spirit. It would be a failure if the IEM Katowice champions let Elevate hit double digits on any map. 

For the final series, we have GamerLegion taking on BIG. The BIG Clan recently benched mantuu and s1n, to bring in a JDC and syrsoN. On the other hand, we all know GamerLegion is a pretty solid team that often makes deep runs in S-Tier tournaments. GamerLegion should be favored in this matchup, but the new BIG roster has the potential to surprise.