SAW and Cloud9 advance to Brazy Party playoffs

After four days of intense emotions in the Brazy Party, Groups C, and D already know their first qualifiers... Eduardo | 30. April 2023

After four days of intense emotions in the Brazy Party, Groups C, and D already know their first qualifiers for the playoffs, SAW and Cloud9.

Undoubtedly, the fourth day of the Brazy Party was full of emotions from start to finish, as all matches were defined in three maps, and each team had a chance to take the victories. In addition, we also saw how Imperial and Team GamerLegion said goodbye to the tournament after losing to Sprout and ENCE, respectively, in the Elimination Match.

In the next few hours, we will know which will be the other four teams that will be present in the tournament’s playoffs and will fight for a part of the juicy prize pool of $333,000.

ENCE put an end to Team GamerLegion’s dream

ENCE scored a commanding victory over GamerLegion with a score of 2-1. Although the Finnish team lost the second map, there is no doubt that they gave a real lesson on how to play CS:GO in both the first and the third.

It all started on Mirage, the ENCE map pick, where Alvaro “SunPayus” Garcia and Paweł “dycha” Dycha took it upon themselves to make the lives of the GamerLegion guys a living hell on the server. First, we observed a very solid GamerLegion on their CT side that even managed to win the first half with a score of 8-7. However, with the change of sides, ENCE became a wall they could not overcome. Finally, with nine consecutive rounds, ENCE took the victory by 16-8 on the first map.

Then, we moved to Overpass, where the tone of the match changed completely, as after 30 rounds, both teams managed even to score 15-15. After that, Mihai “iM” Ivan and Kamil “siuhy” Szkaradek for GamerLegion and Guy “NertZ” Iluz and SunPayus for ENCE took the rest of their teammates by the hand.

In four overtimes, Team GamerLegion managed to take the victory by 22-20, thus equalizing the series 1-1.

Finally, ENCE beat their rivals on Nuke, the decisive map. It all started with an impenetrable defense by ENCE, as they won the first half by 12-3. At the change of sides, everything continued in the same way, as GamerLegion exhausted all their fuel in Overpass, and ENCE ended up taking the victory by 16-3.

Imperial Esports can’t beat Sprout and fall by the wayside

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and his Imperial could not defeat Sprout (1-2) in the Brazy Party Group D Elimination Match and were eliminated from the tournament.

It all started in Mirage, Imperial’s map pick, where we could see many shortcomings on the part of the Brazilian team. Although they managed to win six rounds on the T side in the first half, at the change of sides, they were practically a sieve, as Sprout could enter any of the sites whenever they wanted, and, thanks to this, they took a resounding 16-7 victory.

In Sprout’s map pick, Ancient Imperial woke up thanks to Jhonatan “JOTA” Willian and Ricardo “boltz” Prass, who were in charge of annihilating their opponents, especially on the T side. After an impressive 10-5 in the first half, Imperial won the remaining six rounds to take the victory and even the series 1-1.

Finally, on the decisive map, the teams landed on Inferno, where Imperial demonstrated many problems stopping Sprout’s attacks. After winning six rounds on their T-side, we all thought Imperial could stop Sprout’s offense in the side switch. However, Laurențiu “lauNX” Țârlea took it upon herself to make a dent with the Brazilians and led Sprout to a comfortable 16-11 victory.

SAW extend Astralis’ agony and qualify for playoffs

The Portuguese team, SAW, managed to pull off a big upset by beating Astralis in the Winners Match 2-1 to clinch their playoff berth. Benjamin “blameF” Bremer was the only Astralis player who could perform well during the series.

It all started terribly for the historic Danish team on their map pick, Ancient. SAW, who selected the CT side to start this map, started with an excellent partial victory in the first half by 9-6. At this point, anyone thought that, since Astralis selected this map, they would have some strategy to stop the Portuguese attacks. However, this was not the case, as SAW managed to win seven consecutive rounds to take the victory by 16-6.

The teams then contested Nuke, SAW’s map pick, where the Portuguese took a spoonful of their medicine. Astralis was able to hit back and in what a way in this second map, as blameF, who finished with 137.1 ADR, 2.43 Rating, and an impressive K/D of +27, led the Danes to a crushing victory by 16-4.

Finally, we expected a very close and rough match on Inferno, the decisive map, but SAW ensured it wasn’t so. With SAW on the T side in the first half, the Portuguese team achieved a partial victory by 12-3, which undoubtedly gave them the confidence to face the second half and win the remaining rounds. Astralis tried to react and won five of the first six rounds played, but SAW tightened their defense and managed to take the victory by 16-8.

Cloud9 applied a reverse sweep against 9INE and qualified for playoffs

Cloud9 got the reverse sweep (1-2) against 9INE to qualify for the Brazy Party playoffs.

9INE started by hitting first on Vertigo, their map pick, and they did it categorically. On the other hand, cloud9 decided to start on the T-side of this map, and, no doubt. Unfortunately, their approaches were not the best to overcome the Polish team’s defense. After a 10-5 in the first half, 9INE practically didn’t even get untangled to get a 16-9 victory in the first map.

However, this victory woke up the Cloud9 boys, especially Abay “HObbit” Khassenov, who saw that his team started rowing in the same direction to even the series 1-1. The second map was evenly matched only in the first half, where C9 prevailed on the T side with a 9-6. Then, at the change of sides, 9INE could not overcome the blue defense and fell with a score of 8-16.

Finally, the third and decisive map, Overpass, was a real spectacle. With scores of 8-7 and 8-7, the map went to Overtime. Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov was in charge of leading Cloud9 to victory on this map, and, after four Overtime, they got the rounds they needed and thus took the victory by 22-20.

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