Dota 2 patch 7.34 analysis: big item changes

Dota 2 patch 7.34 has just been released and dozens of items suffered small and big changes. Some of... Radu M. | 9. August 2023

Dota 2 patch 7.34 has just been released and dozens of items suffered small and big changes.

Some of the buffs and nerfs are absolutely massive and will make players approach the game in different ways.

Smoke of Deceit

The Disguise duration was increased by 10 seconds, which is a lot. Usually, teams had 35 seconds while under the effect of smoke to make something happen. Now that they have 45 seconds available, they will probably regard this consumable as being much more valuable, especially during the laning phase and ultra-late game.

Another good thing about Smoke of Deceit is that the caster of the smoke will automatically Disguise allies that stay within 300 range of him, even if they weren’t under the effect of smoke initially. This buff creates a lot of exciting possibilities.


Soul Stealer can now get a maximum bonus of 30 damage instead of 20. This makes the item a lot more potent for heroes who can get lots of kills, such as Templar Assassin.

templar assassin

Valve Corporation

Hand of Midas

Transmute now comes with charges. You can have a maximum of 2, but the idea is that you no longer waste time. The fact that the timer will start creating a new charge after the first one is available means that even if you don’t get to use Transmute for 60 seconds, that time will not be wasted.

No doubt, a lot more people will be buying the item as a result of this buff.

Linken’s Sphere

This item was abused at the professional level by many teams, who were purchasing multiple Linken’s Spheres and using them actively on a single hero, usually the carry or the mid. Now you can no longer do this. Applying the item’s active on a hero after it’s been applied once will refresh the duration.

Mjolnir and Radiance

The special properties of these items now deal 150% damage to illusions.

Rod of Atos

This item was massively changed, bringing the cost down significantly. It now costs 500 gold less (2250) and is perfect for intelligence-based heroes. It can also be used by supports in general. It no longer provides strength and agility, but it does provide 300 HP and 15 intelligence. Lots of heroes will buy it in the first 10 minutes of the game.

Soul Ring

The item now costs 50 gold less and provides 170 mana instead of 150.

Header: Valve Corporation