Countries where PUBG Mobile is banned

Since the launch of PUBG Mobile, the game has surprised everyone, so much so that the mobile gaming industry... Maria | 29. March 2023

Since the launch of PUBG Mobile, the game has surprised everyone, so much so that the mobile gaming industry was shocked. Many people wondered how they had created such a great game for cell phones. The mobile version of PUBG came to sweep all competition and position itself as the number 1 Battle Royale game worldwide.

With five years on the market, the game developed by Tencent has reaped great success. However, not everything has been rosy. The game’s developers have had to face many obstacles on different occasions.

Among these obstacles are the governments of different countries, which have put the game under the spotlight; since they qualify it as an extremely violent and addictive game for young people. Consequently, several countries have banned the game in their regions.

If you want to know which countries have banned PUGB Mobile, continue reading; this way, you will know where the title cannot be played.

Countries where PUBG Mobile is banned

As we mentioned before, the game has been very successful worldwide, but with that success has come drawbacks, such as banning the title in different countries.


One of the first countries to ban the game in China; the argument given to users is that the game does not show enough patriotism. The fact that China is included in the list surprises many people since the company that develops the game is from this country.

The Chinese government put the first version of the game under review, and it was quickly banned. However, the developers would not leave their hometown without the game, so they have released a more patriotic version that meets the Chinese government’s standards.


PUBG Mobile was also temporarily banned in Nepal. The government of this country claims that the reason for banning the game was users’ addiction.

However, this measure was quickly lifted as it was seen as a way to restrict the freedom of the citizens of that country.


In Afghanistan, gambling was banned as the Taliban considered the game extremely violent. As a result, the game was banned in that country soon after the Taliban took power.


Today the game is already operating perfectly in Pakistan. However, there was a time when the game was not allowed in the country. According to the Pakistani government, the game was very addictive. Therefore, it could generate serious side effects in young people.

Luckily for gamblers in Pakistan, the ban lasted only a few months.

Iraq and Jordan

PUBG Mobile bans were not only present in South Asia; the list of countries banning the game is joined by Iraq and Jordan, which belong to the Middle East.

The government of these two countries bans the game as it is considered harmful to young people.


In the case of India, gambling was banned for different reasons than in the other countries on the list. The game cannot be played in this country due to various data privacy issues.

However, the game’s popularity was so great that a new publisher brought the game back to India. However, this was also banned for the same data privacy issues.

The causes for banning PUBG Mobile in the countries listed are ambiguous. However, it is not known whether the game may be available again in these regions.

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