PUBG Mobile 2023 esports roadmap revealed

There is no doubt that PUBG Mobile Esports has been on exponential growth in the last four years and... Eduardo | 7. January 2023

There is no doubt that PUBG Mobile Esports has been on exponential growth in the last four years and is trying to reach the top of esports by introducing new improvements to its format.

PUGB Mobile has announced its roadmap for the 2023 season, in which we have noticed some changes in its esports ecosystem. While there have been many changes in the past, for 2023, there will be some new things to highlight, especially in the points system.

PUBG Mobile Esports announcements

In its official announcement, PUBG Mobile Esports announced that by 2023 it would host two global tournaments, the PUBG Mobile World Invitational, which will be played in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in July, and the PUBG Mobile Global Championship in Turkey in November.

As is customary for such tournaments, the world’s best PUBG Mobile players will meet at these global championships to compete for top honors. In addition, PUGB Mobile has revamped the PUBG Mobile Pro League and PUBG Mobile Regional Clash, making them even more significant.

PUBG Mobile brings changes to PMPL 2023

One of the changes in PUBG Mobile in 2023 will be some updates in the PMPL, which includes expansions in the SEA region. The PMPL Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines (MY/SG/PH) will now be called PMPL Malaysia, i.e., all regions will be merged.

In addition, the PMPL SEA Wild Card is introduced, which includes the regions of the Philippines, Myanmar (MM), Cambodia (KH), and Singapore.

As it has been in recent seasons, PUBG Mobile will host the PMPL Qualifier. This will be organized through a series of regional events to be the entry point for semi-pro and amateur teams to the PMPL in 2024.

Undoubtedly, the new teams will have to overcome rigorous competition to obtain a place at the highest competitive level.

To gain access to the PMPL Qualifier, teams must earn their place in tournaments such as the PUBG Mobile National Championship, the PUBG MOBILE Club Open, or other events.

PMRC returns in this PUBG Mobile season 2023

In 2022, PUBG Mobile Esports launched the first PUBG Mobile Regional Clash, or PMRC focused on Asia. In this tournament, fans could enjoy their regional teams facing each other outside the global PUBM Mobile events.

There is no doubt that the PMRC 2022 was a success, as it encouraged regional rivalries in Asia.

Changes in the PUBG Mobile Esports points system

Well, one of the most drastic changes for the 2023 season has been the points system, as PUBG Mobile Esports has decided to reduce them even more.

The number of points has been reduced by almost 50% in the last two years. This undoubtedly incentivizes teams to fight harder, resulting in more intense tournaments.

The point changes in PUBG Mobile in 2023 translate to a ten-maximum point system in the first place, as detailed in the image below.

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Credits: PUBG Mobile Esports

PUBG Mobile Tournaments in 2023

In addition to the two World Championships mentioned above, fans will also be able to see their favorite PUBG Mobile teams at the 32nd Southeast Asian Games, which will be played in May in Cambodia. As well as at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China in September.

Let’s remember that 2022 was a spectacular year for PUBG Mobile. This mobile videogame won the prestigious “Esports Mobile Game of the Year” award at the Esports Awards 2022.

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