Jamie | 5. January 2021

PUBG Mobile’s Team Xspark Releases Roster

Amid much uncertainty surrounding the games’ future in India, newly formed Esports organization Team Xspark has released its PUBG Mobile roster. PUBG Mobile was banned in India some four months ago now, with many new teams having failed to keep their heads above water due to the lack of competition.

Leading PUBG Mobile player and popular content creator Tanmay “Scout” Singh broke the news on his Instagram page, posting: “As you guys know PUBG is banned by the government in India and we all completely respect the decision. So I have decided to release the lineup as there is no news regarding PUBG mobile getting back in India soon. I would like to wish all the brothers (team roster) very good luck for their future and will always be there for them. Good Luck Champs”

Who Had Been Playing for Team Xspark?

The Team Xspark PUBG Mobile roster had been made up by IGL Shivamm Raghav and Assaulters Ammar Khan, Mohamed Shahil and Aditya Mathe. The team was also managed by “Urvesh”, who has also parted ways with the organization. During their short time competing, Team Xspark built a reputation for their aggressive style of play.

Taking part in the PUBG Mobile Club Open: Fall Split India 2020, Team Xspark demonstrated its potential by running out winners, qualifying for the PUBG Mobile Pro League: South East Asia Fall Split in the process.

However, PUBG Mobile’s ban in India shortly after the Fall Split meant that Team Xspark never got the chance to compete in the Pro League. However, there is hope of a return for the team, with Scout having finished his social media post by saying: ‘Who all knows what will happen after PUBG comes back to India, hope it will be back soon. But I’ll stick to the decision taken by the government and respect it.”

What the Future Holds for PUBG Mobile in India

PUBG Mobile was one of 188 Chinese apps banned by the Indian IT Ministry in 2020. The Indian market contributed to around 24% of the overall PUBG Mobile player base before the ban. In order to get around this blow, PUBG Corp. broke all ties with Tencent, publishing the game by themselves instead. $100 million worth of investment helped the game make its return back in November.