Complexity and G2 Esports qualify for ESL Pro League S18 playoffs

Group D of the ESL Pro League S18 already knows its first two playoff qualifiers, none other than Complexity... Eduardo | 22. September 2023

Group D of the ESL Pro League S18 already knows its first two playoff qualifiers, none other than Complexity Gaming and G2 Esports. These teams gave a blow on the table at the start of the last group of the tournament by winning their first two games and securing their ticket to the next phase.

Complexity surprised everyone by winning the first match against 9INE, as the Poles were the favorites to win the series. However, the North Americans proved that their level of play is higher than ever, as they managed a solid 2-0 victory over the super team Cloud9.

On the other hand, G2 Esports lived up to their tag as tournament favorites by beating Virtus.pro 2-1 in the Upper Bracket semifinals. As a result, both COL and G2 became the first qualifiers from Group D to the ESL Pro League S18 playoff party.

Now, without further ado, let’s see what happened in G2 and COL’s matches in Group D of ESL Pro League S19.

Complexity Gaming surprise by crushing Cloud9 by 2-0

The second match played on September 21 in the EPL S18 left us with a resounding victory for Complexity against Cloud9, reaffirming that the level of play of the North American squad is higher than ever. Ricky “floppy” Kemery and Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski led COL to victory in this complicated match against the super team of C9.

It all started at Anubis, Complexity’s map pick, where we witnessed a spectacular comeback by the North American squad. In the first half, Cloud9 started very well on their CT Side to take a good victory by 9-6. However, at the change of sides, COL woke up and, with a spectacular defense led by EliGE, they managed to come from behind to win 10 of 14 rounds and thus take the victory in the first map by 16-13.

Then, on the second map, Ancient, COL used the momentum and confidence they gained after coming from behind in Anubis to continue with an impressive pace of play. In the first half, COL took a 9-6 partial victory, finally sealing their victory after winning the first 7 rounds on their T Side to win the map 16-6.

G2 Esports annihilate Virtus.pro despite a 2-1 win

While it is true that a score of 2-1 indicates that the series was very disputed, this time, it is nothing more than a mirage since G2 Esports was far superior to VP throughout the series. Still, they made some unforgivable mistakes on the second map. In the same way, we can not detract merits from a VP who fought to stay in the series and get the qualification to the playoffs.

It all started on Mirage, the Virtus.pro map pick, where G2 Esports started extremely strong on their T Side thanks to Justin “jks” Savage and Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen, who led G2 to a 10-5 partial victory. Then, at the change of sides, the offense of G2 Esports’ international squad managed to win 6 of the 7 rounds to take a solid 16-6 victory.

Then, in the second map, Inferno, things changed completely, as VP surprised G2 by winning the first half in their T Side with a tight score of 8-7. However, this would not stay there, as Petr “fame” Bolyshev and Evgenii “FL1T” Lebedev were inspired and avoided G2’s attacks to lead VP to a 16-10 victory and even the series 1-1.

Finally, in Ancient, we saw another total domination by the G2 Esports guys. In the first half, G2 Esports had a phenomenal T Side and took a solid 11-4 win. Then, at the change of sides, VP was demoralized and surrendered, and after 6 rounds, G2 Esports sealed their 16-5 victory and qualification to the ESL Pro League S18 playoffs.

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