Boston Breach sign Snoopy for 2024 CDL season

The competitive scene in the Call of Duty League continues to move, and this time, the Boston Breach announced... Eduardo | 11. July 2023

The competitive scene in the Call of Duty League continues to move, and this time, the Boston Breach announced the signing of rookie Eric “Snoopy” Perez for the 2024 CDL season.

This is an unexpected move for such a large organization, as with the number of players in free agency, the team decided to go with one of their Academy talents. However, another point to note is their confidence regarding developing their talent in the Challengers division.

Right now, the team has only three players in their active lineup. However, there are still many months to go before the new season starts, so they have plenty of time to assemble the squad and prepare.

Boston Breach announce the signing of Snoopy

In the last few hours, the Boston Breach surprised the CDL community by announcing the signing of 18-year-old rookie Snoopy ahead of the 2024 CDL season.

However, this is not the first time that Snoopy will play at the top competitive level of the CDL. Recall that the young Mexican had a spectacular debut at the CDL Championship 2023, helping his team to a 5th-6th place finish.

Moreover, this move marks the fourth player to move up to the CDL from the Boston Breach Academy. In addition, Snoopy demonstrated an extraordinary level of play at the Call of Duty Challengers 2023 – Toronto Open, where he was a mainstay of the team’s 3rd-place finish.

About Snoopy

The 18-year-old Mexican, Eric “Snoopy” Perez, is a relatively new player in the competitive Call of Duty scene, as he has been part of CoD Pro since the beginning of 2023. Since then, he has been part of teams such as Hive and OMiT before joining Boston Academy in April 2023. In this team, Snoopy excelled, especially in game modes such as Control, Search&Destroy, and Hardpoint. In addition, with Sean “Seany” O’Connor managed to lead his team to third place at the Toronto Open, played in May 2023.

However, the test of Snoopy’s talent came when the Breach called him to compete in the 2023 CDL Championship a few weeks ago. At that time, the organization only guaranteed him a two-week contract and, in addition, surprised the fans by placing him as a starter over Reece “Vivid” Drost.

His debut was spectacular, considering he faced the likes of Atlanta Faze and OpTic Texas. In addition to showing a high level of play, he was solid in every performance and was one of Breach’s most valuable performers in the win over the Minnesota RØKKK.

As of this writing, we have the Boston Breach lineup as follows:

  • Ben “Beans” McMellon
  • Kyle “Kremp” Haworth
  • Snoopy

As we can see, all three have played for Boston Academy in the past and are being considered for the main team thanks to their excellent level and form.

The new CDL season is expected to kick off in October 2023, so the Breach have plenty of time to look for the ideal player to complete the lineup.

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