BLAST Premier Fall Final Favorites

BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 will take place between November 22-26 and promises to be a great CS2 event.... Radu M. | 21. November 2023

BLAST Premier Fall Final 2023 will take place between November 22-26 and promises to be a great CS2 event.

All of the eight participants are world-class teams, many of which have gone through significant roster changes in recent months. The exceptions are FaZe Clan, Astralis, and Complexity Gaming.

The competitors and the favorites

We will finally get to see Natus Vincere competing without s1mple but with a proper 5th player instead of the coach. In Ninjas in Pyjamas’ case, ALEX will have the opportunity to show us his excellent IGL skills. It’s quite a rare sight to see a Spaniard leading a Scandinavian Counter-Strike team.

For Cloud9, we have a similar situation. Boombl4 was brought in at the beginning of November and his IGL skills need no introduction. Because C9 also has electroNic and Perfecto, this lineup is now very similar to the former Natus Vincere one that won a CS:GO Major. So the potential for greatness is definitely there.

Heroic’s roster has suffered significant changes. Even though cadiaN is back for the time being, both jabbi and stavn are no longer part of the active roster and were replaced by dupreeh and Zyphon. We’ll have to see what the team can do in this new and probably temporary format.

For Vitality, things are back to the pre-zonic era. Because zonic, dupreeh, and Magisk are all gone. Of the old squad, we still have ZywOo and apEX. Spinx and flameZ are also excellent players. The 5th member is mezii, who joined from Fnatic. At 25, he’s a very experienced player. It remains to be seen if his individual performance is as good as Vitality hopes.

The new coach of the team, XTQZZZ, is not exactly new here. He spent another three years coaching Vitality, between December 2018 and December 2021.

FaZe Clan is the big favorite. The team won three CS2 tournaments in a row and looks unstoppable at the moment. Everyone will try to win against them just to prove a point, but it is doubtful that anyone will succeed.

For Complexity and Astralis, this event should be business as usual. The odds of succeeding are low because every competitor is formidable. However, they both have the potential to get good results or at least qualify for the playoffs. In Complexity’s case, EliGE’s crew has had enough time to achieve complete fluency, so maybe now is the time to win something.

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