nitr0 to leave Team Liquid after IEM Dallas 2023

Completely unexpected news was shared very recently by one of the legends of CS:GO in North America. Nicholas “nitr0”... Eduardo | 27. May 2023

Completely unexpected news was shared very recently by one of the legends of CS:GO in North America. Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella announced that he would leave Team Liquid after the conclusion of IEM Dallas 2023. Moreover, the player’s future is uncertain, as he has not yet decided what to do.

While it is true that the player has not yet announced what he will do in the future, all CS:GO fans hope that he will remain in the competitive scene. This player has been one of the pillars of Team Liquid for several years, and we can consider him a legend of the game, as he is a veteran who continues to be active on the servers.

Nitr0 announces he is leaving Team Liquid after the end of IEM Dallas 2023

Through a statement on his Twitter account, nitr0 shared unexpected news for all fans: the 27-year-old Rifler will leave Team Liquid at the end of IEM Dallas 2023.

As we can see in the statement, nitr0 assures that his decision is due to his busy travel schedule throughout the last 8-9 years of his career. Recall that nitr0 has been part of Team Liquid’s active lineup since 2015 and has won it all with the organization.

Nitr0 assures that he is at a stage in his life where he wants to dedicate himself to the growth of his family. Furthermore, the 27-year-old claims that while playing since CS 1.5, he still enjoys competing at the highest level. However, he assures that the amount of travel is too much, which makes him separated from his family for a long time.

The player ended the statement by claiming that he still does not know what will become of his future in CS:GO. But, he said that he would dedicate himself to streaming, so this could be the end of the pro career of a former Intel Grand Slam winner.

Team Liquid and its ups and downs in the last few months

Undoubtedly, Team Liquid will always be one of the reference teams in the CS:GO competitive scene. Even more so after what they achieved in previous years, where they went on to win the Intel Grand Slam.

However, the team has had many ups and downs in recent months, which ended at the Paris Major. Team Liquid started the tournament extremely poorly, with a 0-2 record, but they recovered and advanced to the tournament’s quarterfinals. Ultimately, the team unexpectedly lost to one of the tournament’s surprises, Apeks.

Nitr0 and his return to the lineup

The 27-year-old American Rifler announces his departure from Team Liquid after a year and a half in the starting lineup. Let’s remember that the player was on the inactive list for two weeks when there were different changes in the squad.

While his return to the lineup was marked by disappointing results initially, the team had a tremendous improvement after the partial addition of Mareks “YEKINDAR” Gaļinskis to the team. Then, they came second in the ESL Pro League S16 and the BLAST Premier Worlds Final.

It only remains for us to thank nitr0 for everything he has given to CS:GO in NA and the world. Furthermore, we wish him the best of luck and success in his plans.

Header: João Ferreira | PGL