BIG Academy roster revamp

The top German organization BIG has recently revealed a new, revamped academy roster, signing ArroW instead of Aqua and... Fragster | 9. January 2023

The top German organization BIG has recently revealed a new, revamped academy roster, signing ArroW instead of Aqua and parting ways with analyst Radion and coach jansen.

ArroW replaces Aqua

On Friday, the Berlin organization BIG announced the signing of 20-year-old Luc “ArroW” Oehmke, the young talent from ONYX Talents. The rifleman will replace Nico “Aqua” Kembitzky, who has been missing from the scene for some time. He said on Twitter that he was finding it increasingly difficult and boring to play every day and that he had lost all motivation. He did not reveal how things are going with him, however, he mentioned flying to Japan and beginning “his new chapter”.

Successful time at ONYX

ArroW has been playing with ONYX for 1.5 years now, where he was able to keep growing and getting better. The last season showed how strong the team was, as they narrowly lost in the final game to the offline playoffs against Sprout. The young team was able to show a lot this season, including the victory at the ALIVE LAN in Hamburg last year.

Also, ArroW got the big chance to help out on the MainTeam a couple of times. The highlight was certainly the offline event called V4 Future Sports Festival 2021 in Budapest. Of course, this tournament showed that he is willing to do a lot and that he can perform well. He was able to show a decent rating of 0.96 after seven maps, considering he’s never played at this level and on a LAN like this. Now he is moving to the German talent factory BIG.

Radion and jansen leave BIG Academy

There were more structural changes at the BIG Academy outside of the roster moves. As the Berlin organization recently announced, the analyst Lucas “Radion” Henkel and the coach Jan “jansen” Westerheide are both parting ways with the org. Both are said to have been looking for new chapters. While jansen is rumored to be picking up the mouse again in the near future and playing actively, it is still uncertain how Radion will continue.

In any case, both have been important pillars for the success of the Academy. Jansen often had to be stand-in because a player was missing here and there. The coach also did a good job as a motivator and pacesetter at the ESL Championship Finals. It is not yet known who will take the two places in the future.

BIG Academy line-up:

  • Elias „s1n“ Stein
  • David „prosus“ Hesse
  • Marcel „hyped“ Köhn
  • Tom „skyye“ Hagedorn
  • Luc „ArroW“ Oehmke

Header: BIG