Apex Legends Sun Squad Collection Event kicks off next week

Apex Legends creator Respawn Entertainment revealed the next collection event for the battle royale game — The Sun Squad... Fragster | 24. March 2023

Apex Legends creator Respawn Entertainment revealed the next collection event for the battle royale game — The Sun Squad Collection Event.

The event that will bring the summer season into Apex is scheduled to run between March 28 – April 11th, so prepare for two weeks of the incoming heat wave!

Seer and Loba in bathing suits

The Sun Squad Collection Event will bring 24 new cosmetic items to the game, which can be purchased either with Apex Coins or with Crafting Metals. This includes swimsuits for Seer and Loba, together with beach looks for Horizon, Fuse, Gibraltar, Ashe and Mirage.

As usual in Apex events, those players who unlock all 24 special event items will automatically receive an Heirloom weapon. Specifically, the Sun Squad event will offer a nunchuck for Ashe with retractable daggers. For those who don’t look to throw cash at the game, there’s also a free reward offering with various items that can be unlocked by simply playing the game.

Furthermore, the “HEATWAVE” game mode will also be included in the rotation as part of the event. The goal in this mode is to survive an extreme heat wave by hiding in buildings or behind heat shields. To lower temperature and reduce damage taken, players can also wear sunglasses, which will be available in care packs that players can equip.

There’s a heatwave coming to Apex Legends

The concept of Heatwave is very simple: it’s hot. In fact, it’s so hot that just stepping into sunlight deals regular damage, just like outside the ring. This new twist on the normal battle royale mode will undoubtedly make things interesting – popular POIs will be empty, most of the fighting will likely take place indoors and at close range.

Heatwave also features a progressively smaller ring that deals even more damage to you if you’re also being damaged by the sun. While technically able to go outside, players must find shade as quickly as possible to avoid burning. There are also a few other ways to cool off: Sliding will protect the legends from overheating while rotating to the new POI. But when all seems lost, players can always deploy a heat shield. In Heatwave matches, Heat Shields are much larger than normal, but the downside is that they’re easily damaged in the sun and don’t last nearly as long as usual.

Care packages against the heat

A final method to keep yourself from overheating is apparently in the pipeline, but Respawn hasn’t commented on what sort of gameplay mechanic this could achieve. Respawn’s Sun Squad blog post said players should “keep an eye out for Care Packages,” but Respawn declined to provide any further guidance, adding, “Maybe there’s another way to mitigate the effects of the sun and look cool doing it. But you’ll have to jump into the mode on March 28th to find out more.”

In the trailer, Care Packages are shown with sunglasses on, so it’s likely that a pair of sunglasses will work just as well as a real shade when it comes to surviving Heatwave.

Header: EA