Apex Legends pro HisWattson banned for toxicity again

Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin has been slapped with a 3-day Apex Legends ban on his account again. The reasons are not... Fragster | 9. March 2023

Jacob “HisWattson” McMillin has been slapped with a 3-day Apex Legends ban on his account again. The reasons are not completely clear, but apparently, it has to do with the message he wrote in the chat. 

Yesterday, on March 8, the FURIA player came forward on Twitter and explained that EA had placed a three-day ban on his account for not abiding by the Terms of Service – more specifically, it was in the “harassment and insult” category.

Apparently, the American pro himself didn’t quite know what had happened and why he got the punishment.

Suspension for chat insult

So far it’s not clear why he was banned, but someone on Reddit found a plausible reason. Apparently, it was found out during scrims that HisWattson was playing offline with Nelson “Xeratricky” Medina (also in the lineup at FURIA) and the two were bantering, teasing and jokingly insulting each other. More specifically, he typed “f*** you” to Xera.

HisWattson was later able to confirm this. Apparently, the automatic recognition system in the chat recognized his comment and imposed a 72-hour ban on his account.

Many fans sided with the player and believe that there should not be a ban of several days for an insult right away.

Not the first account suspension

For all those who don’t play at the Tier 1 level, a ban is already annoying, but for the pros, it’s all much more serious. The ban would have had consequences that could have impacted the player’s career again.

A similar situation happened in the fall of last year, which caused some problems for FURIA. Before the first split of NA ALGS, HisWattson was struggling with numerous ranked games that were infiltrated by hackers. That’s why he reached out to Respawn for help. When no one responded to him, he contacted RSPN_Hideouts, the head of Apex Security. In tweets that have since been deleted, the player wrote that he “hates” the developer and that he wants to “make him a clown on Twitter.”

Respawn didn’t like that at all and took the tweets down as “harassment of members of the development team” and “threats.” The player was blacklisted and not allowed to play in the first week of Split One in the 2023 NA ALGS.

HisWattson later defended himself, explaining that he was angry at the moment and that he only wanted to offer constructive criticism of the cheating problem and ask the development team to do something about it.

Despite the current suspension, it will not affect the launch of Split Two and FURIA will be able to compete on the first day of competition with HisWattson in the line-up.

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