Apex Legends hits new all-time peak player count thanks to Revelry

According to SteamDB, the battle royale shooter, Apex Legends recently hit over 610,000 players after the release of Season... Shubh | 16. February 2023

According to SteamDB, the battle royale shooter, Apex Legends recently hit over 610,000 players after the release of Season 16 Revelry.

The most recent season of Apex Legends has increased the game’s Steam player base to a new peak high. The peak player count record for Apex Legends on Steam has grown to 610,433, surpassing the previous record of about 510,000 players, which was attained during the start of Season 14.

Since Apex Legends Mobile was closed, a number of fans have expressed concern about the future of the franchise. Although it is unclear how these changes will affect the user base in the long run, the number of players on Steam indicates that the title is moving in the right path. Respawn is hopeful that the foundation laid by Revelry for an improved future for Apex will continue over and make forthcoming seasonal releases more successful.

The reasons behind the player spike:

The spike in concurrent players comes just after the 16th battle royale season debuted, which brought forth a number of improvements and features. Although there are no new characters in the new season, some quality-of-life improvements have been made to the characters and gameplay aspects, which revitalized the title.

The divisive 3v3 arena mode in Apex Legends has been replaced with the eagerly awaited Team Deathmatch option, which is the most significant change. According to design director Evan Nikolich, one reason for the elimination of 3v3 arenas from Apex Legends was that players could not effectively practice the game’s fundamental fighting cycle there.

Adding a new mode always makes gamers of all types eager to try the option they have been waiting for. The fact that the launch of the now-defunct Arenas mode in Season 9 also outperformed the prior peak player count is further evidence that new modes have historically been proven to be a formula for breaking records.

The increase in players also could possibly be a result of Respawn’s recent initiatives to introduce new players to Apex’s extensive storyline and oftentimes challenging gameplay. There are now even more incentives for new players to try out the game thanks to updated customizing possibilities in the shooting range and new legend classes with exclusive benefits.

As part of Revelry, Apex Legends redesigned its Legend Class system, dividing the 23 Legends on its roster into five new roles: Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller, and Support. Each of these roles has its own unique benefits that help each class feel more significant in a game. Additionally, the Orientation Matches assist new players in entering the Apex Legends universe without facing veteran players as their enemies.

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