WZM: EBR-14 best-for-mobile loadout!

The good ol’ EBR has been present in Warzone Mobile since limited release and can be found as a... Paolo | 2. April 2024

The good ol’ EBR has been present in Warzone Mobile since limited release and can be found as a good and viable ground loot for those wanting a semi-auto marksman rifle in the game.

What are some of the best attachments for this MWII classic? We tested it out during both the Limited Release and the current play and found this build to work!


EBR 14

MUZZLE: ZLR Talon 5 (unlocked by leveling the TAQ-M to Level 22)

One of the more popular suppressor choices for MWII weapons in the game (since MWII guns can’t use MWIII attachments so far), the Nilsound 90 focuses heavily on recoil control and firing aim stability with a bit of a bullet velocity buff to help you land more controlled shots.


BARREL: 22” Boremaster Barrel (unlocked at Level 14)

The longest barrel option available for the EBR-14, the 22” Boremaster turns your chassis into a stable and easy-to-use platform. Use the bullet velocity and recoil buffs to your advantage!


OPTIC: SZ Heatsource 800 (unlocked by leveling the TAQ-M to Level 25)

One of the best mixes of utility and range despite the sniper glint penalty, the SZ Heatsource 800 allows for more accurate thermal target acquisition. 


STOCK: SO-90 Factory Stock (unlocked at level 9)

At the cost of a slower sprint and aim walking speed, this stock helps in reducing the aiming idle sway of the weapon, making it ideal for longer periods of aiming. The stock also looks like the stock from a default M21 – perfect for those loving the retro feels!

LASER: FSS OLE-V Laser (unlocked by leveling up the MTZ Interceptor to Level 11 or the EBR-14 to Level 10)

Undoubtedly the best performing laser in its class, the FSS OLE-V Laser allows for aiming stability and improved ADS times and sprint-to-fire times.


A Call of Duty classic, this EBR-14 build will allow you to engage in the mid-to-long range category for those who want great BR action in Verdansk!