What we know about upcoming Apex Legends character Ballistic

Respawn Entertainment has officially unveiled Ballistic, the newest Assault Class Legend to join Apex Legends, in the most recent... Shubh | 24. April 2023

Respawn Entertainment has officially unveiled Ballistic, the newest Assault Class Legend to join Apex Legends, in the most recent episode of its Stories From The Outlands miniseries.

Respawn Entertainment has finally confirmed the addition of “Ballistic” to Apex Legends with the new episode of Stories from the Outlands. Ballistic is the first Legend to be released in two seasons since the creators opted to spend their time overhauling the existing systems and Legend class before releasing a new Legend. Here is everything that we know about Ballistic, along with its lore and leaked abilities.

Ballistic Overview 

The long wait for a new Legend will soon be over as August “Ballistic” Montgomery Brinkman is scheduled to join Apex Legends on May 9, 2023, with the official release of Season 17. Ballistic’s complete skill set has not yet been revealed, but Respawn has provided some background information on August Brinkman and his motivations for joining the team.

August Brinkman rose to fame as the youngest celebrity Thunderdome Games champion, outclassing his rivals with ease while showcasing exceptional weapon skills. However, the death of one of his squad members ended his career, leading Ballistic to permanently abandon the games. After seeing his son try to attend the Apex Games, Brinkman has agreed to fight again as Ballistic as long as the competition’s administrators forbid his kid from taking part.

Ballistic abilities – leaked

The passive ability to carry a third weapon without any attachments is one of the three abilities of Ballistic that have already been made public through leaks. According to the leaks, Ballistic has a smart bullet as a tactical skill.

This smart bullet supposedly has the power to debuff foes and deal serious damage to them by causing their weapons to overheat when they try to shoot it. Lastly, it’s believed that Ballistic’s Ultimate is an upgrade to his weapon that gives his teammates infinite ammunition while accelerating reload and movement speeds. 

Ballistic release date

With each passing week, the anticipation for Ballistic grows even more, especially in light of the fact that the most recent Legends to be released, Catalyst, Maggie, and Newcastle, haven’t had much of an impact on the metagame so far, and Season 16 didn’t even bring a new Legend.

Nevertheless, Ballistic is here and players will be able to discover more about him in a gameplay trailer that will be released on May 1st prior to the start of the new Apex Legends season on May 9. In addition to the Legend, Season 17 is said to bring a significant update to the beloved Revenant and the eagerly awaited heirloom for Ash.

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