All about the class system overhaul coming in Apex Legends Season 16

Apex Legends Season 16 will change the game’s class system, giving some classes additional features and some new additions... Maria | 10. February 2023

Apex Legends Season 16 will change the game’s class system, giving some classes additional features and some new additions to others. In addition to adding another level of decision-making when composing squads, the new class perks also help define the duties and expectations of each class more precisely.

While certain legends were easily categorized into their classes, the old approach did not fully consider Apex’s extensive collection of stories.

We can say that the Valkyrie seemed more of an attack character than a defense character, unlike Bloodhound, Seer, and Crypto, which are recon characters. The Offensive category, which included a wide variety of aggressive legends, was also very saturated, even though some had different play styles.

With new features, the new class system helps to rebalance those legends and reinforce their identities. For example, the old Defense class was split into Controller and Support, while the Offensive class was split into Assault and Skirmish. Recon remains almost unchanged, except for a few legends who left the team, but no new members.

Read on to learn all about the class changes in Apex Legends.

All about classes in Apex Legends

Role of each expertise in each class

Class-specific skills are not a recent addition. For example, many legends previously could read the Ring. However, the revised class functions result in a more significant disparity between legends. They do not by themselves change the nature of the game, but they can significantly affect the play style of each legend and certain decisions players have in a game.

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Credits: Respawn Entertainment

Assault class

Assault Legends have the power to access a hidden rack in the weapon supply containers added in Season 16. According to Legends Lead Designer Devan McGuire, the gear that drops from this rack uses the intelligent loot system employed in Storm Point’s animal nests to provide accessories and equipment to supplement their loadout. Assault Legends can now carry a bunch more ammo in each inventory slot. They can now carry 80 light rounds in each slot instead of 60.

Recon Class

Legendary Recon can no longer preview the location of the Ring that has moved to a new location. Instead, Recon legendaries can examine a modified recon beacon for 30 seconds to reveal enemy positions on the map. However, this comes with a risk, as opponents will be informed when this happens.

The new class perk emphasizes that Recon characters are the central intelligence operatives in Apex.

Controller Class

In season 16, controllers have access to the former recognition ability. Additionally, the ring console is a new object that legendary controllers can interact with to find out where the next Ring will be. Finally, since controllers are adept at holding zones by definition, which benefits these legendary players and their teammates, thanks to this class expertise, they have an early opportunity to build and defend a position that furthers their cause.

Skirmisher class

Skirmishers will be able to see the best treasure inside an approaching package. In addition, they can keep an eye on the weapon and warn their teammates about the most valuable item. Thanks to this, they can know when the opposing team has a Kraber or if a weapon has suddenly disappeared and plan an ambush.

The Skirmisher class skill fits well with the class identity. Thanks to their mobility and ability to help their team quickly get in and out of a location, Skirmishers’ class participation allows them to handle planning on their own when called upon to provide an aid package.

Support Class

Support characters will take a cue from the Lifeline passive and get a handy gimmick. Starting in Season 16, all support legends will have access to the additional Extended Supply Container rack, which was previously only available to Lifeline. This new rack will also have valuable healing and survival items, making it a prime target for any support legendary. Most importantly, they can create respawn flags for dead companions.

Header: Respawn Entertainment