What is Hardcore Royale in Apex Legends?

The battle royale from EA and Respawn Entertainment would not be left without welcoming the Chinese New Year. So... Maria | 20. January 2023

The battle royale from EA and Respawn Entertainment would not be left without welcoming the Chinese New Year. So the name of the new Apex Legends Collection Event is Celestial Dawn, and it will greet the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit with new cosmetics and game modes for a limited time.

With the introduction of the Heavenly Dawn event on Tuesday, January 24, there will be a new mode to play in Apex Legends.

The Hardcore Royale mode of the Celestial Dawn event will only be available from January 24 to February 7. However, it is undoubtedly its most vital aspect because it allows players to experience a more intense game mode than any other. This is due to the Hardcore mode rules set by Respawn Entertainment.

Read on to find out how the restricted mode of Apex Legends will work.

How does Hardcore Royale work in Apex Legends?

We can say that Hardcore Royale is the version of Apex Trios on steroids. Respawn incorporates alterations to armor in Hardcore Royale. As a result, the HUD is restricted, and players frequently encounter vulnerable areas throughout the game.

To favor the person who hits a headshot first, Hardcore Royale will only generate white armor for all players, and no one will wear a helmet. In addition, players will not be able to upgrade, evolve or swap armor with dead enemies.

The only natural way to survive longer in Hardcore Royale is to kill first and make good use of the healing supplies acquired by looting. It is important to note that the kill boxes will also not include any armor.

The Ring will start with max damage, further intensifying the fight and all the armor settings. Don’t worry if you think Hardcore Royale is too brutal to complete. You can play regular threesomes in Apex for the duration of the event, as this limited mode is not a takeover of the game.

Limited time cosmetics

As with every Apex Legends collection event, we can get 24 new Chinese New Year of the Rabbit-themed cosmetic items by purchasing them directly with Apex Coins or Crafting Metals, and in Apex Heavenly Dawn Apex packs.

The cosmetics include legendary Octane, Pathfinder, Caustic, Ash, and more skins. In addition, players who unlock all cosmetics before the event ends will receive “Jadeite Retribution,” a reactive skin for the Peacekeeper.

Of course, Heavenly Dawn also has a new reward tracker in Apex Legends.

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