Misfits Gaming Group to host VALORANT Invitational to unite male, female and non-binary players

Esports is a place that suits everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, and other factors by which... Daria Belous | 17. August 2022

Esports is a place that suits everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, skin color, and other factors by which people are commonly judged, and Misfits Gaming Group continues to develop this philosophy with a new competitive event. 

Earlier this year, Misfits Gaming Group entered the VALORANT pro scene with a new female roster called Misfits Black. The team recently achieved success at Astral Clash 2022 tournament with a second-place finish.

The organization decided to follow the initiative of developing the competitive space for all genders and announced Misfits Gaming Valorant Invitational with a quite unique concept. The new tournament will be held in order to give female and non-binary people opportunities to develop their gaming skills and compete at a distinctive level. Such competition seems like a perfect opportunity to unite esports players. 

VALORANT Invitational


VALORANT Invitational, which will be held from August 22-23, will feature mixed teams consisting of female, non-binary and male players. There will be a total of eight squads with a minimum two male and three female/non-binary teammates. Each captain of the roster will be a Valorant Champions Tour Game Changers participant. 

The format will feature a double-elimination bracket with best-of-three matches and a total prize pool is $20,000. To enter the competition, players must have Immortal 1 rank or above and the team draft can have only two members from the same esports team. Fans can watch the event on the official Misfits Gaming Group Twitch channel as well as on channels of selected participants, who will be announced later.


New opportunities for female and non-binary esports players   

An event like VALORANT Invitational is a great opportunity to expand the borders of the esports scene and break the stereotype which claims that esports exist mostly for males. This year, major changes happened in this regard, as some of the biggest esports titles such as Valorant and CS:GO announced female circuits and roadmaps for 2022. That gave a boost to female rosters that couldn’t compete on the professional level earlier due to a lack of high-tier competitions. 

Moreover, other top esports organizations too joined the move and formed their own female rosters in distinctive titles. For example, Natus Vincere, Cloud9, TSM and G2 all signed Valorant rosters. Meanwhile, CS:GO scene was replenished with new squads by MIBR, Evil Geniuses, Nigma Galaxy and others.

Let’s not forget the preparation level of competitive events by ESL, which hosted Impact League with a LAN final. Counting on all the factors, female esports got a significant boost this year and we hope that it won’t stop there.  

Header credit: Misfits Gaming