WePlay Esports rebrands to WePlay Studios

To expand the company, WePlay Esports is renamed WePlay Studios. In addition, the management of WePlay Esports has announced... Maria | 3. May 2023

To expand the company, WePlay Esports is renamed WePlay Studios. In addition, the management of WePlay Esports has announced that they wish to expand into the entertainment sector and give the brand a makeover.

In the quest to revamp the company, the first step the management has taken is a name change. The company now carries WePlay Studios to reflect the current business model better.

About WePlay

Since the birth of WePlay, the company has been very clear about its values and mission, which can all be boiled down to a dream. The company has always dreamed of producing events and great shows; everyone present at the events experiences unique feelings and unforgettable memories.

For ten years, WePlay Esports has organized more than 25 esports events. Thanks to their constant work, they have built a large community of fans that exceeds 2 million on their social networks.

Renewal of WePlay’s brand

As previously mentioned, WePlay is in the process of brand renewal. With this renewal, the company wants to create innovative experiences for all its viewers and influence the industry’s development. So WePlay hopes to use all its knowledge in content creation to take the industry to another level.

In rebranding and rebranding WePlay, the company wishes to take its operations far beyond esports without leaving esports aside.

History of WePlay

WePlay started as a small company in Kyiv, Ukraine, consisting of only 12 people united by their love for video games. However, thanks to their hard work and dedication, the company has expanded to the point where they now have more than 150 employees.

But that’s not all. Thanks to their perseverance, the company opened a second headquarters in Los Angeles, USA. Over the years, WePlay has assembled a great team that combines all their knowledge and skills perfectly. Because of all this, the company’s managers have felt the confidence to take a step forward for its growth.

The company, in 2022, began to see the great potential it had for brand renewal. So that year, they began to make broadcasts to strengthen their expertise in that area. Also, since then, the company has become a production partner for major content creators and influencers.

Comments on WePlay’s rebranding

Managing partner and co-founder of WePlay Studios, Yura Lazebnikov, has commented that he feels confident with his team. So they have decided to expand to push their limits. On the other hand, Yura Lazebnikov, looking to keep the fans calm, affirms that they are not leaving esports aside. They want to grow.

On the other hand, WePlay Studios’ marketing director Iryna Chuhai states that the company is prepared to prioritize the public’s interests. But not only that, but she also states that they want to show their fans that they support them and are a fundamental part of WePlay Studios.

The rebranding will be carried out in different phases. The name change has already taken the first step in that direction. The next step will be renewing the visual elements that identify WePlay Studios; then, they will adjust their website and all the platforms where the company is present.

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