Vitality beat FaZe to win the BLAST Premier: World Final

Team Vitality once again proved its dominance on the global stage after beating FaZe Clan 2-0 to win the... Shubh | 18. December 2023

Team Vitality once again proved its dominance on the global stage after beating FaZe Clan 2-0 to win the BLAST Premier World Final 2023.

Team Vitality clinched their fifth title of the year after annihilating FaZe Clan 2-0 in the grand finals of World Final 2023.  Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, who is widely considered one of the best Counter-Stike players to ever touch the game, stood out again for the French side, delivering an exceptional performance in the final series that was too much for FaZe to hold.

He won the World Final MVP award after racking up an impressive 38 kills in the final series with an ADR of 108.9, a KAST of 81.6%, a 2.01 impact rating, and a fantastic 1.69 overall rating.

This marks the second time Vitality has bested FaZe in a championship match like this, previously ending their remarkable winning streak at the BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2023. Moreover, the two teams have met six times in 2023, now as the top two teams in the world, and Vitality has come out on top on five of those occasions.

Team Vitality vs FaZe Clan –  GrandFinal

Team Vitality had a smooth start to their map pick of Inferno as they managed to win the first three rounds before giving up FaZe a round on their fourth try. FaZe, however, managed to capitalize on the momentum and put together 4 rounds in a row but that’s all they managed in the first half. Vitality quickly retaliated with a better strategy and positioning, with ZywOo holding the flanks exceptionally well.  

The French team went on a magnificent nine-round win streak to take the score to the match point before eventually closing it 13-5.  ZywOo’s efforts were well supported by Shahar “flameZ” Shushan, who racked up 16 kills with an HLTV rating of 1.46 to provide Vitality an unmatched firepower.

FaZe picked Nuke to turn things around and despite having a rough start, they managed to put forth a solid 5-2 lead, showing a glimpse of a comeback. Similar to the opening map, Vitality bounced back and thwarted any progress made by Finn “Karrigan” Andersen and his men. ZywOo handled the sniper duty perfectly, while also gatekeeping the bombsite with absolute perfection and accurate aim.

He kept the dangerous duo of Robin “ropz” Kool and Håvard “rain” Nygaard, allowing Vitality enough room to execute their natural playstyle. While FaZe managed to secure two more rounds in the second half, the match ended on a rather one-sided note as the team’s performance was no match to Vitality’s firepower. Without much resistance, Vitality clinched an easy 13-7 victory on Nuke to win their fifth title of the year, which was also the last BLAST trophy of the year.

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