Team Vitality signs a partnership with Cherry Xtrfy

Team Vitality is an organization that creates ties with different companies to boost its growth. This time a new... Maria | 12. April 2023

Team Vitality is an organization that creates ties with different companies to boost its growth. This time a new Team Vitality partnership has been announced with Cherry Xtrfy, which will last two years.

The French esports organization always seems to be looking for new opportunities that will allow them to grow, which is why they have recently partnered with a hardware company called Cherry Xtrfy.

Team Vitality’s partnership with Cherry Xtrfy

With this new partnership, both companies want to expand into different markets. So from this moment on and for two more years, Cherry Xtrfy will supply all high-performance peripherals such as a mouse, keyboards, and mousepads to Team Vitality.

On the other hand, Team Vitality will include the Cherry Xtrfy name on its T-shirts for the duration of the partnership, which is currently two years. In addition, as part of the partnership, both companies have plans to develop co-branded products for all esports fans; however, they did not mention any details of what could be launched to the market. But that’s not all; within their plans, there are also plans to develop activities where fans are included.

The partnership of both companies is global support. However, it will be much more focused on the CS:GO team of the French organization. They will also provide peripherals to the three main Team Vitality venues where the organization holds its events; among these venues are:

  • Paris Headquarters
  • Stade de France Headquarters
  • Berlin Performance Centers

Since yesterday, April 11th, the logo of its new partner Cherry Xtrfy could be seen on Team Vitality’s t-shirts at the RMR qualifiers. Cherry Xtrfy is the latest company to join the French organization as a sponsor, in addition to Kingston FURY, hummel, JBL Quantum, Philips, and others.

Comments on the partnership

Following the partnership announcement, Team Vitality CEO Nicolas Maurer commented that the organization is happy to work hand in hand with Cherry Xtrfy, a company known for its constant evolution and for producing high-performance and quality products.

On the other hand, Maurer comments that the association of the two companies comes at the best time; Cherry Xtrfy will be part of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the esports organization.

About Cherry Xtrfy

Cherry Xtrfy is a company known for innovating; the Cherry brand is one of the oldest brands developing keyboards. In addition, it is credited with being one of the forerunners in the invention of mechanical keyboards, manufacturing its first keyboard in 1973.

Cherry was founded in Germany and was later acquired by Swedish manufacturer Xtrfy, which focused on manufacturing peripherals for esports. Finally, after merging the two companies, it was renamed Cherry Xtrfy.

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