Virtus.pro boasts Rio Major conquered as Outsiders

After the organization’s latest video, the conflict between Virtus.pro and the CS:GO competitive ecosystem is back on everyone’s lips.... Maria | 23. January 2023

After the organization’s latest video, the conflict between Virtus.pro and the CS:GO competitive ecosystem is back on everyone’s lips. Even though the Outsiders brand was the “real” winner of the recent Rio Major, the team has bragged about it on social networks.

At ESL headquarters, they are not at all happy with the promotion of the title. They call it an “unpleasant surprise”. Due to the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, the entire CIS did not compete with its well-known brand in 2022.

Change of name

Due to ESforce’s relationship with the Russian Kremlin, Virtus.pro acquired the name Outsiders as of February 2022. As a result, the organization competed throughout 2022 and in other games, such as DOTA 2, without revealing its historical logo or sponsors.

Although everyone knows the origins of the Outsiders, their most tremendous success came after winning the Rio de Janeiro Major. After appointing Aram Karamanukyan as the new executive director, a position that was short-lived and only served to clean up the organization’s reputation. A few weeks later, Nikolai Petrossian took over the club’s reins. A somewhat questionable change, knowing he was responsible for leading the controversial and banned ESforce.

Virtus.pro boasts of the Major conquered as Outsiders

The most recent controversy arose because the team’s official account shared a video showing Petrossian with the prestigious CS:GO title. The Ukrainian community and ESL administrators have not well received this publication.

Michal Blicharz, one of the developers of ESL, came out to defend his brand from the intense criticism received for the trophy shipment.

“This is certainly an unwelcome surprise, as VP did not win the title at IEM Rio, and VP do not have the right to misrepresent the IEM Rio results as a VP victory. Trophy was sent to an address in Armenia provided by Outsiders.”

Apparently, the ESL offices have not received all this marketing well. Many members of the Ukrainian community and e-sports enthusiasts consider it a provocation, given what they are experiencing since 2022 began. We’ll have to keep an eye out if there is any sanction, although it doesn’t seem likely.

Outsiders crowned IEM Rio Major 2022 champion

The Russian team won the final against Heroic, crowning itself as a champion of a Major full of surprises. Led by Dzhami “Jame” Ali, who came alongside Aleksei “Qikert” Golubev to redeem himself from the Berlin 2019 final. Outsiders take the Grand Final and are the king of Rio. The incredible run of the Russian team was rewarded in the Grand Final, where they were superior to a Heroic with exhausted forces.

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