VCT Masters Tokyo Playoffs: Fnatic outshines NRG, Paper Rex dominated DRX

In a thrilling day of the VCT Masters Tokyo Playoffs, Fnatic showcased their dominance by overpowering NRG, securing a... Jason | 17. June 2023

In a thrilling day of the VCT Masters Tokyo Playoffs, Fnatic showcased their dominance by overpowering NRG, securing a spot in the upper semifinals. Meanwhile, Paper Rex continued their impressive streak by defeating DRX from the Pacific League. The stage is set for an intense clash between Fnatic and Paper Rex on June 19, as they battle it out for a coveted spot in the tournament finals.

Fnatic vs NRG Esports

The very first game of the day was between European Fnatic against North American NRG. To be honest, just like every fan and expert, I was also expecting this match to be a close contest. However, the match turns out to be one-sided altogether. Fnatic secured a 2-0 victory over NRG Esports sending them for a long journey through the lower bracket seed. Following were the maps pool for the match:

  • Fracture (Fnatic)
  • Bind (NRG)
  • Split (Decider)


Fnatic kicked off their map pick, Fracture, on the defensive side, opting for a calculated and strategic approach. Despite losing the pistol rounds, they managed to maintain a balanced first half, reaching a 6-6 score. However, the second half witnessed Fnatic unleashing its full potential. They embarked on an impressive streak, securing five consecutive rounds and mounting immense pressure on NRG.

Although NRG displayed glimpses of a potential comeback with three consecutive rounds, Fnatic swiftly shut them down with well-timed counterattacks. Ultimately, the European squad emerged victorious, claiming the first map of the match with a solid 13-9 score. The match’s MVP was Fnatic’s Leo “Leo” Jannesson, who showcased exceptional skill with 20 kills and an impressive 1.53 K/D ratio.


NRG suffered a devastating defeat on their chosen map, Bind, as they were completely obliterated by Fnatic. Right from the start, NRG struggled to gain momentum in the first half, resulting in a dismal score of 10-2. Even the tactical timeouts taken during the first half failed to provide any respite for NRG. Transitioning into the second half, NRG’s woes continued as they failed to secure crucial pistol rounds, ultimately losing their grip on the map.

Throughout the entire second half, they could only manage to secure a mere two rounds. The map concluded with a resounding 10-4 score, leaving NRG in an embarrassing defeat. Stepping up for Fnatic, Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov took charge, delivering an outstanding performance with 21 kills and an astonishing 1.71 KD ratio.

Paper Rex vs DRX Gaming

Continuing their previous clashes in the Pacific League, Paper Rex once again proved their superiority over DRX, defeating them 2-0 in VCT Masters. With two victories, including the grand finals, Paper Rex’s dominance remains unbroken. While DRX remains in the tournament, they face a high-stakes situation, where every subsequent match becomes a do-or-die situation for the Korean team. Following were maps pool for this map:

  • Split (DRX)
  • Bind (Paper Rex)
  • Fracture (Decider)


DRX faced a disappointing start on their own map pick as Paper Rex, despite missing their star duelist player Ilya “something” Petrov, maintained their aggressive playstyle. DRX struggled to establish a solid defense in the first half, resulting in a halftime score of 9-3 in favor of Paper Rex. The second half brought a glimmer of hope as DRX mounted an impressive comeback. However, Paper Rex remained composed, preventing DRX’s advances and ultimately securing the map with a close 13-10 score.

Wang Jing Jie stood out as the MVP for Paper Rex, delivering an outstanding performance with 26 kills and an impressive 1.28 KD ratio, further cementing their dominance in the match.


DRX, after conceding their map pick, entered Paper Rex’s stronghold on Bind. The first half witnessed complete dominance from Paper Rex, concluding with an 8-4 score. Although DRX displayed moments of a potential comeback in the second half, Paper Rex ultimately emerged triumphant with a 13-10 score. Once again, Jinggg showcased an exceptional performance, accumulating 27 kills with an impressive 1.45 ACS, further solidifying Paper Rex’s victory.

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