VCT Game Changers Championship 2023 drops and how to earn them

The VCT Game Changers Championship 2023 is here, promising an exciting showcase of VALORANT action and introducing two exclusive... Shubh | 28. November 2023

The VCT Game Changers Championship 2023 is here, promising an exciting showcase of VALORANT action and introducing two exclusive drops for viewers to claim. Whether you’re a seasoned esports enthusiast or a casual gamer, this guide will walk you through the steps to earn these coveted in-game accessories.

This year’s championship, hosted in Sao Paulo, Brazil, features a staggering $500,000 prize pool and brings together eight of the world’s strongest VALORANT teams. Notable contenders include G2 Gozen, last year’s champions, and newcomers like BBL Queens, Evil Geniuses GC, KRU Blaze, Team SMG, and Chao Hui EDG. The tournament, running from November 28 to December 3, promises thrilling matches and unveils an all-new Team Deathmatch map for VALORANT enthusiasts.

The VCT Game Changers Championship 2023 is not just about intense competition; it’s an opportunity for fans to score exclusive rewards effortlessly. Whether you’re a fan of G2 Gozen or cheering for the underdogs, make sure to tune in and claim your drops by following the steps outlined above.

Earning Drops: A Step-by-Step Guide
To get your hands on exclusive rewards, follow these simple steps:

1. Link Your Accounts: Before diving into the action, ensure your Twitch and YouTube accounts are linked to your VALORANT account. Riot Games provides easy-to-follow guides for both platforms.

– Twitch: Click on your profile picture, go to Settings, navigate to the Connections tab, and link your Riot Games account.

– YouTube: Visit your Account settings, find the Connected Accounts tab, look for Riot Games, and click Connect for the account type you want to link.

2. Watch Live Matches:
– Louder Title: Tune in between November 28 and December 2, and watch any live match (excluding the Grand Final) to unlock the exclusive ‘Louder’ title for your VALORANT profile.

– Game Changers Trophy Gun Buddy: On December 3, catch the Grand Final, a best-of-five series, to earn the Game Changers Trophy Gun Buddy drop.

3. Claim Your Drops: Once you’ve watched the matches, drops will be automatically sent to your VALORANT account. Redeem them and enjoy your new in-game accessories.

As the competitive season of VALORANT comes to a close, Riot Games ensures a memorable farewell with the Game Changers Championship. Join the community, engage with the streams, and secure your spot to earn these limited-time rewards.

Image Credit: Riot Games