VCT Americas and Heineken 0.0 join forces

The expectation surrounding the new edition of the VCT Americas league is so high that many sponsors were expected... Maria | 24. March 2023

The expectation surrounding the new edition of the VCT Americas league is so high that many sponsors were expected to want to be part of the event. Therefore, a very high audience is expected for the VCT Americas as we are talking about a league where VALORANT players of a very high level will participate.

Recently, a press release announced that Heineken 0.0 is officially the beer partner of VTC Americas. However, Heineken 0.0 is not only the beer partner of the league but also the official sponsor of the Icebox map. Many sponsors are expected for this league, but perhaps no one imagined it could be this one.

VCT Americas and Heineken 0.0 join forces

Heineken 0.0 has thought very well about choosing the map to be the sponsor. So many people love to enjoy a cold beer regularly, no matter how much alcohol it contains. So advertising on a map like Icebox is a great idea to strengthen the brand.

Throughout the VCT Americas league, every time the Icebox map is played on the broadcast, there will be more Heineken 0.0 advertising presence; Easter eggs will also be offered.

In addition, we can say that the map choice was very wise, as players love Icebox. According to the VCT LOCK/IN 2023 data, this was the third most played map of the tournament; players chose it 12 times. For this tournament, the map in the first place is Pearl, which was chosen 16 times, while Haven is in second place with 13 choices.

For Heineken 0.0, the map’s theme and popularity make it the perfect choice.

Heineken 0.0 Sponsorship

Riot and Heineken 0.0 have already worked together in the past; with the sponsorship at the VCT Americas, we would be talking about their second collaboration.

The first collaboration between the two brands occurred in the main LoL league, the CBLOL, which was held in Brazil. This collaboration took place in 2022 when Heineken 0.0 presented the show during the half-time of the grand final.

How is it possible for Heineken to sponsor a Riot Games tournament?

Considering that Heineken is sponsoring its non-alcoholic beer, Heineken 0.0, the brand can avoid Riot’s rules prohibiting the sponsorship of brands that promote alcohol consumption, smoking, and gambling.

About Heineken 0.0

The Heineken Brewing Company produces Heineken 0.0, a non-alcoholic beer. This beer was launched in 2017 with the same quality levels as traditional Heineken beer; however, a different brewing process is used to produce the beer without any alcohol content.

Riot Games’ work together with Heineken 0.0 will be very interesting. In a very short time, we will be able to enjoy the league, which is scheduled to start on April 1, with the confrontation between 100 Thieves and Sentinels at the Riot Games Arena.

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