VALORANT Maps Breeze and Bind No Longer Available

Riot Games has recently announced that the VALORANT Breeze and Bind maps have been removed from the game and... Eduardo | 11. January 2023

Riot Games has recently announced that the VALORANT Breeze and Bind maps have been removed from the game and will no longer be available in the official Map Pool.

This has caused some concern among players, but it is essential to remember why this change was made. So let’s examine what has happened and why these maps have been removed from the game.

The removed maps


Breeze was a map with lush tropical scenery. It had two distinct sections, one with a central area and two side areas, while the other had three lanes with various levels of height advantage.

The layout of this map allowed for quick engagements and long-range sniper battles.

Breeze was an excellent map for aggressive play styles, to play with agents who are good at pushing and attacking, such as Sova, Raze, Jett, etc.


Bind was a more industrial-style map. It featured four main sections, each with its layout, which allowed for different strategies depending on the player’s location on the map.

This map also featured multiple long-range points that snipers could take advantage of, making it a favorite of many players who enjoyed this type of engagement.

Bind was designed, so players had different flanking options, angles to attack and defend, and plenty of chokepoints to fight for.

Why Were They Removed?

Riot Games has stated that these maps were removed due to performance issues during the testing period.

While they have not provided specific details on the exact cause of these issues, it is believed that they were related to lag or FPS drops during certain parts of matches.

This was the case when players were in some regions of any map. These problems in a shooter game are incredibly detrimental to gameplay, so removing them was probably the best solution to ensure a smooth player experience.

In addition, it is not ruled out that they may return in an upcoming update and thus become part of the game’s official Map Pool again.

It is essential to keep in mind that the game’s goal, style, and strategies may change over time with new updates, patches, and events. So it is always advisable to stay informed about the latest developments and adapt your play style accordingly.

Disappointment in the community

Removing Breeze and Bind from VALORANT may be disappointing for some players, but it is essential to understand why Riot Games made this decision.

As mentioned, performance issues led to their removal to provide better gaming experiences for all VALORANT players. That said, players will still be able to enjoy many other fantastic maps in VALORANT.

Finally, remember that now you can enjoy the new LOTUS map, where you can test all your skills with your favorite agents.

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