Toronto Ultra continue strong in CDL Stage 5 Major Qualifiers

After two days of matches in the qualifiers for the last Major of the 2023 CDL season, the Major... Eduardo | 7. May 2023

After two days of matches in the qualifiers for the last Major of the 2023 CDL season, the Major V, we have Toronto Ultra making their house respected and getting their second tournament victory.

In addition, we also saw the Las Vegas Legion win over the Subliners and the RØKKR split honors as they beat the London Royal Ravens in the first game of the day while losing to the Breach a couple of hours later.

There are still three matches left in this first week of online qualifiers for Major V. However, before the start of these three matches, let’s see what happened on the second day of the CDL Stage 5 Major Qualifiers.

RØKKR split honors in their first two games of Qualifiers

Minnesota RØKKR kicked off the second day of Qualifiers with an excellent pace of play against the London Royal Ravens. While the team struggled to win in this series, the play of Marcus “Afro” Reid (K/D Ratio of +1.34) was instrumental in the team’s clean 3-0 victory.

It all started at Hardpoint (Zarqwa Hydroelectic), where we enjoyed an extremely close game that could have been a win for either team. However, the RØKKRs pulled off the upset at the end to take the win 250-227. The teams then moved to Mercado Las Almas (Search&Destroy), where the RØKKR again put on an excellent display with a 6-3 victory.

Finally, at Himmelmatt Expo (Control), Minnesota closed the series with a close 3-2 victory.

In the RØKKR’s second game against the Breach, everything was very different, as the team’s level dropped to such an extent that they failed to have the same presence they had against the Ravens.

Boston Breach came out on top in the series’ first game at the Breenbergh Hotel (Hardpoint) to win 250-189. Then, at the same venue, but in Search&Destroy, the RØKKRs reacted and managed to level the series 1-1 after an extremely close 6-5 victory.

Finally, in the last two games at El Asilo (Control) and Zarqwa Hydroelectric (Hardpoint), the RØKKR could not do much against a completely inspired Breach and ended up losing 1-3 in the series.

Las Vegas Legion beat New York Subliners 3-2

In one of the best series of this second day of the CDL Stage 5 Major Qualifiers, the Las Vegas Legion got an excellent 3-2 victory over New York Subliners. In addition, James “Clayster” Eubanks continues to demonstrate his high level of play and his desire to see his team qualify for the 2023 CDL Championship at home in Las Vegas. This series was a spectacular back-and-forth, as both teams displayed their best level of play and managed to win convincingly.

Al Bagra Fortress (Hardpoint) hosted the first game of this spectacular series, and the Las Vegas Legion came away with a commanding 250-141 victory. The teams then came to Las Almas Market (Search&Destroy), where the Subliners struck back with a narrow 6-5 victory.

Himmelmatt Expo (Control) was shaping up to be a clash of titans, and the fight, on this occasion, the boys from Las Vegas Legion won the fight; with a spectacular 3-0 win, they managed to take a 2-1 lead in the series. However, just as in the second game, New York reacted immediately to inflict a real beating on Zarqwa Hydroelectric (Hardpoint) with a score of 250-90.

Finally, it was at Breengergh Hotel (Search&Destroy) where Las Vegas Legion managed to pull out a narrow 6-4 victory to earn their first win in this qualifying tournament.

Toronto Ultra makes their home ground respected with an impressive 3-1 win over the reigning champions

Toronto Ultra earned a remarkable 3-1 victory over the Los Angeles Thieves, the reigning Major IV champions, to earn their second win of the qualifiers. In addition, it is worth noting that they did it with an excellent reverse sweep, as the Thieves won the first map and could not withstand the onslaught of the local team of this Major.

As mentioned, the Thieves won the first match of this series at Al Bagra Fortress (Hardpoint). However, the result of this match (250-244) clearly showed us that this series would be very balanced and exciting. The Ultra then hit back in Embassy (Search&Destroy) with a good score of 6-3.

With the series 1-1, the teams arrived at El Asilo (Control), where Toronto could take a tight 3-2 win and put the Thieves in check. Finally, at Embassy (Hardpoint), Toronto took a comfortable 250-185 victory to secure their second tournament win.

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