3 Dota 2 heroes you will regularly see in your pubs

Dota 2 patch 7.33 made a lot of heroes popular and some of them are spammed in pubs by... Radu M. | 30. April 2023

Dota 2 patch 7.33 made a lot of heroes popular and some of them are spammed in pubs by a large percentage of the community. In the past, some of these heroes were picked a lot more often than they deserved, simply because they were fun to play. But now they’re also highly effective.

Winning Dota 2 games is now possible not just with a handful of meta heroes. The game is balanced enough to allow players to succeed with a wide variety of options. But some of them are still used a lot more often than others. Here are three heroes that you can expect to see in your pubs quite frequently.



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Pudge has always been a fun hero to play, but now his pick rate is ridiculously high: 28%. This means that you can expect to see Pudge in roughly one quarter of your games. And his win rate is around 50.4%, which is pretty good for the butcher.

By far, the number one reason why Pudge is picked so often, apart from being associated with Danil “Dendi” Ishutin, is that his Q feels very good when it lands. And the latest Dota 2 patches significantly buffed it.

The hook now travels fast enough to be hard to dodge even by experienced players. So if you know what you’re doing, it should be relatively easy to catch people with it.

Legion Commander

legion commander

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Legion Commander is another hero that received remarkable buffs in Dota 2 patch 7.33. She’s extremely tanky, incredibly fast (330 MS), and can deal a lot of damage with just a few basic items, thanks to her abilities.

LC can gain an additional 22% movement speed from Press the Attack, in addition to attack speed, lifesteal and attack damage from the rest of her abilities.

You will encounter Legion Commander in around one fifth of your games. Her win rate is 55.4%, so better hope that she is on your side.

Witch Doctor

witch doctor

Valve Corporation

Witch Doctor is a very popular support in pubs, even though few teams will pick him in professional matches. His pick rate is above 18% and his win rate is close to 50%. His abilities make him excellent for the laning phase. You can play him both offensively and defensively, depending on the situation.

Starting from level 5, his Maladict is deadly. Witch Doctor has one of the most satisfying ultimates in the game.

Header: Valve Corporation