Radu M. | 26. November 2021

How to play Dust 2 Like a Pro in CS:GO

Welcome to the most symmetrical map in CS:GO, Dust 2. Named after its filename “de_dust2”, it is considered one of the most balanced maps in CS:GO history. By any means, the developers of the map aimed for simplicity, and balance between the two sides: Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists. The action is happening in a dusty environment based in Morocco, where the Terrorists need to plant the bomb in a limited amount of time, to win. The Counter-Terrorists are considered the good guys, as they need to stop the Terrorists from planting the bomb, by killing them or defusing the bomb. In this guide, I am going to teach you the steps of becoming a pro on Dust 2.

Callouts on Dust 2

One important thing when playing with your teammates is going to be the callouts. You won’t be able to inform your teammates while playing if you don’t know the exact spot where the enemy is hiding at that moment. Every location on the map has a name, for example, long.

Long is the part of the map that links the Terrorist base with the A site. Long has a lot of spots, like Pit. The Pit is the ramp that leads underground. It is mainly useful for AWP players to hide in while trying to peek site, as it is a good hiding spot. Though pit has a big enemy, the spot named Car, which is like the name says a car. The Counter-Terrorists can camp and hold long from Car, as it is a good shoot-and-hide spot. One quick way to reach A site is through middle or short.

Middle is the middle part of the map that can lead to Middle Doors, Lower Tunnels, and Short. Short is the small passage that is located on the right side of the map, from Terrorist spawn. Lower Tunnels is the small door-like entry on the left side that has a stair set at the end of it. Up the stairs are Upper Tunnels, with two directions, the right side that leads to bombsite B, or the left side that leads to T spawn. The Lower Tunnels and Upper Tunnels complete together a spot called Tunnels.

The Terrorist Team

If you had the luck to be deployed in the Terrorist team, your main goal is to basically blow up the entire bombsite, which could lead to your teammates or enemies dying. Until we reach that, we should think about some strategies. The equipment you buy will play a big role in the location you are going to push, so, you should always buy Armor and grenades.

Depending on the skill you have, and the role in your team, you will need to decide between long-range and short-range guns. If you are going to be the one that always stays behind, you should buy a long-range weapon like the AK-47. If you like going first, you could try to play with an SMG, like the P90.

How to take bombsite B

You just bought your favorite weapon and your teammates dropped you the bomb. They want you to be the one holding the bomb while they push the bombsite. You are going to stay in the back, so you could throw the entry flash.

The entry flash is going to be thrown when your teammates are ready to push. If they are successful, you will need to rush to the bombsite and plant the bomb, then, pick a spot to camp. You should decide based on the circumstances what spot you are going to hold. You can hold Tunnels from Pill, the little box in the corner of the map that is parallel with the Tunnels. Also, one good spot to hold is middle or CT, from the car in bombsite B.

How to Take Bombsite A

In my perspective, bombsite A could be approached in multiple ways. You could rush Short, Long, or go through Middle, then CT base to reach the bombsite. Anyways, when you reach the bombsite, try to plant the bomb and peek at a camping spot. I personally recommend Car, Pit, CT, or even the middle of the site.

Try to throw as many grenades as possible. For example, if you know the enemies are going to push short, throw an incendiary to stop them. Give as much info as possible to your teammates about the enemy position, as they could try anytime to ninja defuse the bomb if you are not careful. Play slowly and try to stay hidden as possible, as you don’t want to give away your own position.

The Counter-Terrorist Team

Welcome to the “good guys” team! In this team, you are given the task to protect the two bomb sites: A and B. Your equipment is going to be different from the Terrorist team, as you can equip yourself with a defuse kit, and silenced weapons. One big advantage in the first round is going to be the USP-S. The USP-S is a one-tap damage monster. It could easily eliminate the enemy with a headshot.

After you bought your equipment, you should decide with your team the bombsite you are going to camp. If you are going to hold bombsite A and short, try to peek a spot closer to the site, like Car or Ninja. If you’re defending long, try to stay as close to Pit. One good way to defeat the enemies is to peek retreat into Pit, as they can see only your head while shooting.

If you are going to hold mid, try to fight the enemies so you can stop them from pushing Short or Lower Tunnels. At bombsite B, the camping spots are a little bit limited, but, it’s easier to hold as there are not many entry spots. Incendiary grenades could always help you stop the enemies from pushing.

In the end, these are some of the tips I obtained in the hours played on the map Dust 2.


Photo credit: IEM|Steffie-Wunderl