Top 10 clutches in esports

When the team is behind, time is running out, and the pressure can’t get any higher — these are... Fragster | 28. August 2022

When the team is behind, time is running out, and the pressure can’t get any higher — these are the moments in esports when pros can immortalize themselves. These moments mark the best of the best. We’re talking about clutch situations.

At some point, every gamer finds themselves in a clutch situation, where the odds of winning are vanishingly small. The whole thing looks different again when it happens in pro play, where the pressure is particularly great. With today’s list, we bring you the top 10 esports clutches in which players have held up to the pressure and done great in.

10. Kanzen 1v4 clutch   

The 10th place of the best clutches in esports opens Kanzen at the Rainbow Six Invitational 2022. Kanzen was ahead with his team Soniqs, needing only one round to win the map, otherwise, it would be overtime. In a 1v4 situation, he kept his cool and not only managed to eliminate all of his opponents and defuse the bomb, but he also survived until the last kill. Soniqs won the map and also the quarterfinals against Damwon Gaming.

9. s1mple AWP drop

Ninth place on the list is occupied by none other than s1mple, who competed with his former team, Team Liquid, against Fnatic in the semi-finals of ESL ONE Cologne 2016. In a game that has been balanced up to that point, s1mple found himself in a 1vs2 situation. He decided to go on the offensive with his AWP and not only won the round with this aggressive play but also graffitied himself on the map cache.

Both kills were no-scopes. Even his teammates couldn’t help but laugh at this crazy action. Liquid won the semi-final against Fnatic 2-0, but lost out in the Grand Final against SK.

8. Eqo Genji clutch play

This clip of Philadelphia Fusions player Eqo at the 2020 Overwatch Summer Showdown Finale is the definition of a clutch play. On the crucial map during the finals, with 2 points behind and the payload a few meters from the checkpoint, everything looked like a point for Paris Eternals, as Eqo took fate into his own hands with his hero Genji in the form of his sword. What followed was a show of force from the Israeli player, who shredded his opponents and took the point. However, the Grand Final was still lost.

7. Snax 1v4 pistol

The final of ESL One New York 2016 was one of the most gripping finals in Counter-Strike history, so it’s surprising that clutches played a major role in this match. Hardly any pistol clutch is as famous as this clip of the Polish CS legend Snax, who competed against NAVI with his team Virtus.pro.

In a 1v4 post-plan situation, Snax kept his cool, headshot all four opponents, and even managed to defuse the bomb to win the round. The map went to Virtus.pro, but they still couldn’t win the final.

6. Zombs 1v3

The sixth place for the best clutches in esports goes to Sentinels player Zombs in the showdown against Team Liquid of the Valorant Champions 2021 group stage. In a neck-and-neck race between the two teams, Zombs found himself in a 1v3 and with the mission of placing the bomb to defend against the three attackers.

Everything looked like a round for Liquid as Zombs was cut off from the bomb spot. However, he turned the tide and clutched the situation with his precise aim. Ultimately, Sentinels could not assert themselves against Liquid and dropped out of the tournament as third in the group.

5. SKT clutch teamfight

Not all clutches have to be created in shooters. Even in League of Legends, there are times when a play at the right time can turn the game upside down. This happened at the League of Legends World Championship 2017 during the game between Edward Gaming and SKT T1. The two teams met in the group phase and after almost 30 minutes, Edward Gaming were able to earn a gigantic gold lead.

To get back in the game, what SKT needed was the perfect play. And they did that. With a series of well-combined ults, they showed a perfect team fight and turned the game around, securing the number one spot in their group. They even made it to the final, where they lost 3-0 to Samsung Galaxy. However, with this combo-wombo, the play of the tournament was certain.

4. Stewie2K clutch for overtime   

The fourth place on this list should still be remembered by FaZe Clan fans. We’re talking about Stewie2K’s clutch play in the finals of the ELEAGUE Boston Majors in 2018. On home soil, North American team Cloud9 took on big favorite FaZe and fought their way through to the third and decisive map.

After a wild race to catch up, FaZe went into the last round with a score of 14-15 and Cloud9 had to win the round to reach overtime. Only Stewie2K and his AWP separated FaZe from a Major win in Boston. But the American sniper kept his cool and led his team into overtime, which they won and were crowned the ELEAGUE Boston Major winners.

3. Nesk insane 1v5

This clip from the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League 2017 semi-finals between Brazilian teams Black Dragon and Pain Gaming is a must for all clutch fans. The Black Dragons’Nesk was in a 1v5 situation and as a result, had to eliminate the entire opposing team to win the round. But he had nerves of steel and skilfully eliminated one opponent after the other to win the round.

The joy of his teammates was correspondingly great, as they couldn’t hold on and some jumped up. Also thanks to this spectacular round, Black Dragons secured the win against Pain Gaming and advanced to the final where they took second place.

2. jstn 0 seconds goal

Number two on this list is jstn and his iconic goal from the RLCS Season 5 finals between NRG and Dignitas. In the all-important game seven and with four seconds left on the clock, Dignitas managed to take the lead and thus seemingly safely win the final. However, NRG were able to keep the ball in the air long enough for jstn to equalize at the very last second with an impressive aerial goal.

But that’s not all. In overtime, Dignitas finally managed to win. Jstn’s disappointment at that may have outweighed the fact that he had just scored what is arguably the most famous Rocket League goal in esports history.

1. Coldzera Jumping AWP

Taking first place in the top 10 clutch plays in esports is none other than Brazilian Counter-Strike legend coldzera. His clutch in the 2016 MLG Major Columbus semi-final is arguably the craziest, weirdest, and most breathtaking play Counter-Strike has ever seen. Coldzera’s opponents, Liquid, needed one more round to win the first map of the semifinals.

Coldzera faced a five-man rush that he had to stop with his AWP. And he did. With four frags, some of them mid-air, with noscopes and everything that goes with it, he stopped the push alone, not only preventing the map point for Liquid, but also helping his team to a crazy catch-up race. Luminosity were actually able to secure the map in overtime, as well as the best-of-three and later also the Major title. All of this might never have happened if Coldzera hadn’t delivered the clutch of a lifetime.