The top 5 carry heroes for The International 12

The International 12 has begun and we’ve already had the chance to see the new meta. Dota 2 patch... Radu M. | 13. October 2023

The International 12 has begun and we’ve already had the chance to see the new meta. Dota 2 patch 7.34d severely changed the heroes prioritized by teams, and some of them are now spammed with great effectiveness.

Here are five heroes that proved to be excellent picks for the carry role on the first day of the tournament.


Muerta appears to be broken again. Her strong laning phase and ultimate make her easy to play and that has led to a 72.2% win rate. She was the most picked hero on day 1. No less than 18 games featured her, which pretty much guarantees that she will get banned a lot on day 2.

Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight is another hero that got picked a lot. We saw him in 11 games and his win rate was 54.5%. CK’s big advantage is that he stuns for a long duration, can close the gap with ease, and becomes nearly unkillable if the game goes on for more than 30 minutes.


Sven seems to have remained in the meta, unlike Phantom Assassin. Of course, she too got picked seven times, but her win rate was only 42.8%. Sven, on the other hand, got picked 10 times and his win rate was 60%.

Despite the nerfs, Sven continues to be a reliable carry because he can farm Ancient stacks with ease and then deal massive amounts of damage during his ultimate. The fact that he also has a solid stun and lots of armor helps him in any direct combat against most of the other carry heroes.




Luna is another fast farmer and a hero that becomes hard to stop if the game goes on for long enough. So far, she’s been picked 9 times and her win rate is 55.5%.

Luna can make it hard for the enemy carry to engage in direct combat without a Black King Bar thanks to her ultimate. Her only weakness is her first 5-10 minutes.

Wraith King

Wraith King got picked 6 times and his win rate is 66.7%. This is a hero that’s very hard to kill because you need to kill him twice in quick succession. This allows him to build a lot of damage, mobility, and durability, without worrying too much about his magic immunity. One or two hits will often kill a support hero if he’s not careful.

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