Overwatch 2 players call for a change to the ranking system

Overwatch 2’s new ranking system is criticized by the community, with players expressing their discontent and asking for a... Maria | 16. January 2023

Overwatch 2’s new ranking system is criticized by the community, with players expressing their discontent and asking for a change.

Overwatch 2 offers players a lot of free gameplay to master and fun times to have, but there is something that needs to be improved for competitive players.

Things to change

The rank system has a massive list of positions you must climb. You must clear seven victories at each rank until you finally reach Grandmaster. But, even within the designated Gold, Silver, and Bronze ranks, there are a few levels within these rankings that you must complete before reaching the top of the list.

Most OW2 players see the seven wins they have to achieve to determine their next rank right now. But the seven wins seem to be “unrewarding” to some, especially on the main Overwatch forum on Reddit.

This new Ranking System is extremely unrewarding. from Overwatch

Overwatch 2 player issues

Clarity and annoyance are the biggest problems for OW2 players.

The competitive ranking system differs from the previous version because it doesn’t show you how close you are to move up to the next rank. Players must go through seven wins to see their next level. If the player loses more than seven, they will most likely drop in level or stay at the same point.

As in most modern games, Overwatch has a rank reset every season. However, the system’s rank reset is “unrewarding,” players comment.

One OW2 player commented in the Jan. 15 thread:

“Just wait until you get de-ranked next season, and they expect you to do it all over again” is a reasonable argument; all the work can become obsolete when the season ends.

The biggest problem highlighted by users is that, in most cases, players don’t know how close they are to rank-up until they get it. For OW2 players, the rules are confusing, and they want to know precisely how they work.

Another Reddit user commented:

“What is annoying is that even if you win more than you lose you still may not rank up.”

OW1 System

Overwatch players wish they could bring back the OW1 system.

When the second installment started, players hoped to find more differences between the first game and the competitive system of OW2.

Reddit user commented:

“I thought ow2 was gunna expand upon and have more features not less.”

In Overwatch 1, you could see how close you were to ranking up based on how many points you had. For OW2, this mechanic was removed entirely, making it very complicated to know your position. Many Overwatch players wish the developers would go back to the old system.

Reddit user commented:

“They should use OW1’s system instead of this uniquely bad 7W/20L take.”

Blizzard, to refresh the sequel, has added new characters, maps, changes, and modes to try. There is always the possibility that they will rethink the competitive strategy so that their users will be more comfortable in the game.

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