The 10 Least Played Champions in Mid Lane in LoL

In League of Legends, the mid-lane is a key battlefield located in the center of the map.  Choosing the... Aleksandar | 12. April 2024

In League of Legends, the mid-lane is a key battlefield located in the center of the map. 

Choosing the right champion for this role can really make a difference in the game. However, some champions are not chosen as often as others. 

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the least played champions in mid lane in LoL. Get ready to discover some overlooked heroes who might just become your new favorites.

The Least Played Champions in Mid Lane in LoL

Here are the 10 least played champions in the mid lane in League of Legends, each offering unique strengths that are often overlooked in this game.

 1. Renekton


Renekton is a strong fighter in League of Legends, known for his power in close combat. Despite being A-tier with a 52.13% win rate, he’s not often chosen as one of the League mid-lane champions.

This is because Renekton thrives in the top lane, where his abilities to deal damage and heal himself shine against single opponents.

However, in the mid-lane, he faces challenges like dealing with ranged attackers and managing fewer one-on-one fights, which doesn’t play to his strengths.

Additionally, this makes him a less popular pick for the mid lane, even though he performs well overall, showing up in only 0.5% of games in this role.

2. Morgana


Morgana is known for her powerful abilities to trap and damage multiple enemies at once, making her a favorite in roles that support the team. Even as an A-tier champion with a 50.66% win rate, she remains one of the least-played champs in League of Legends for the mid-lane.

This lower popularity in mid comes from her skills being more suited to controlling large groups, which happens less often in the one-on-one skirmishes typical for the mid lane.

With a pick rate of only 0.5%, it’s clear that many players prefer other champions who can aggressively take on solo opponents in this crucial lane.

3. Garen

Garen in League of Legends

Garen is typically seen charging down the top lane, thanks to his straightforward fighting style that lets him excel in head-to-head battles. 

Despite his strong performance with an A-tier ranking and a 53.52% win rate, he is one of the least played champions in mid lane in LoL.

Mid-lane often demands versatility and the ability to handle both ranged and melee combat, areas where Garen might struggle compared to more traditional mid-laners who can cast spells from a distance.

His pick rate in mid is only 0.5%, showing that while effective, he might not always fit the fast and varied demands of mid-lane gameplay.

4. Lucian

Splash art of League of Legends character Lucian

Lucian is known for his dynamic shooting abilities, making him a popular choice among players who like fast action. However, he ranks as a B-tier among League mid-lane champions with a 46.89% win rate and only a 0.5% pick rate in mid.

His playstyle involves a lot of moving and shooting, which suits an aggressive approach.

In the mid-lane, Lucian faces challenges because his range and damage may not consistently match up against champions who specialize in the mid-lane and can control the area with powerful spells from a distance.

This makes it tougher for Lucian to dominate in the mid compared to other roles where his mobility and quick attacks are more effective.

5. Ezreal


Ezreal is a unique choice for the mid-lane, often surprising opponents with his skill-based attacks. Despite this, he is classified as D-tier among the least played champions in the mid-lane in LoL, with a win rate of 43.74% and a pick rate of 0.7%.

His approach in mid-lane is unconventional because he relies heavily on landing skill shots to be effective, which can be challenging against the variety of champions typically played mid.

Additionally, the current game meta favors champions with stronger wave control and consistent damage output, areas where Ezreal can struggle without precise execution, making him a less common sight in mid-lane battles.

6. Gragas

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Gragas is a versatile champion in League of Legends, especially known for his explosive barrel throws. As a B-tier among League mid lane champions, he holds a 50.48% win rate and a 0.7% pick rate.

In the mid-lane, Gragas brings a unique mix of damage, disruption, and durability. His ability to hurl barrels that can damage and displace opponents makes him a threat at a distance, while his drinking skills allow him to recover health, making him tough to take down.

These qualities give him a niche in the mid lane as a disruptive force capable of swinging the momentum of a fight, yet his unconventional playstyle means he’s not chosen as frequently for mid as more traditional mages or assassins.

7. Heimerdinger


Heimerdinger, known for his quirky inventions, brings a unique approach to the mid-lane with his ability to set up turret defenses that can control and secure areas.

Despite being an A-tier champion with a solid 51.32% win rate, he remains one of the least-played champs in League of Legends for mid-lane, appearing in just 0.7% of games.

His underuse in mid often comes down to his playstyle – Heimerdinger excels in static defense rather than the dynamic skirmishing typically favored in mid.

His turrets require strategic placement and time to set up, which can be less effective against fast-moving or high-burst opponents who can evade or destroy his setups before they yield benefits.

8. Vel’Koz


Vel’Koz is an interesting choice for the mid lane in League of Legends, known for his ability to unleash powerful laser beams and geometry-based attacks.

Even though he’s rated A-tier with a 50.79% win rate, he has a low pick rate of 0.9%. Vel’Koz’s low popularity in mid can be due to his need for precise skill shots and vulnerability to fast-moving opponents.

His playstyle requires good positioning and awareness to maximize the impact of his AoE abilities.

While he has great potential for damage, the challenge of landing his skills against agile champions often leads players to opt for other champions who can more easily secure advantages in the fast-paced environment of mid-lane.

9. Ziggs

Ziggs Climbing Wild Rift Ranks

Ziggs is known for his explosive, long-range bombing attacks, giving him a unique artillery style in League of Legends. Despite these strong capabilities, he is one of the least played champions in mid lane in LoL, with a B-tier ranking, a 49.00% win rate, and a 0.9% pick rate.

Ziggs’ rare use in the current mid-lane meta can be linked to the rapid pace and close engagements that favor more agile or versatile champions.

His reliance on skill shots and area damage means he excels in sieging and lane control but struggles in direct, fast-paced skirmishes where mobility and quick disengage are crucial. This makes him less favored in a meta that often demands quick rotations and direct confrontations.

10. Swain

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Swain is a versatile champion in League of Legends, capable of playing multiple roles effectively. Despite this flexibility, he’s often overlooked as a choice among League mid lane champions, with an A-tier ranking, a 52.58% win rate, and a 1.0% pick rate.

In mid lane battles, Swain can use his abilities to control the battlefield, drain health from enemies, and transform into a fearsome bird-like form that increases his power. However, his selection is limited because his skills require precise timing and positioning to be most effective.

Swain’s playstyle involves close engagement and managing his resource, ‘soul fragments,’ which can be challenging in the fast-moving and often unpredictable mid lane environment. This complexity can prevent players from choosing him frequently for mid lane roles.

How the Meta Influences Champion Popularity

In League of Legends, the “meta” refers to the most effective strategies and champion picks at any given time. Changes in this meta can significantly influence which champions are popular in the mid-lane.

For instance, if a patch enhances a champion’s abilities, that champion might suddenly see more play. Right now, we’re on patch 14.7, and with patch 14.8 coming on April 17, 2024, players are anticipating adjustments that could shift current trends.

Professional matches also affect these trends. When pro players succeed with certain champions, those champions often become more popular among all players.

Depending on the changes, this can bring some of the least-played champs in League of Legends back into the spotlight or push them further out.

Watching these developments gives players clues about which champions might become stronger or weaker, helping them decide who to pick or avoid in upcoming games.

The Bottom Line

Exploring the least-played champions in mid-lane in LoL can reveal hidden gems that might just suit your playstyle.

Even though these champions aren’t the usual picks, they each bring unique strengths that can be powerful in the right hands.

Don’t hesitate to try out these overlooked champions, as one of them may become your new favorite. Whether for fun or to shake things up in competitive play, giving these choices a chance could be both rewarding and enjoyable.