Terrorblade’s win rate and pick rate in Dota 2 patch 7.34e are abysmal

Terrorblade is a very popular hero in Dota 2 tournaments. Professional players see him as a highly stable carry... Radu M. | 30. November 2023

Terrorblade is a very popular hero in Dota 2 tournaments. Professional players see him as a highly stable carry that can farm quickly, operate independently of the rest of the team, and have a huge impact on the game after the 20-minute mark.

He is hard to kill and the smallest error will allow him to turn the fight around with his ultimate, which swaps his HP percentage with a target of his choice. If you leave him on 10% HP, one of your teammates will get to have that problem and he will be back to full HP in most cases.

Of course, you can counter this using items like Linken’s Sphere, but executing such tactics is easier said than done. So you’re practically fighting at all times against a hero that has an Aegis of Immortality, with one of your teammates having below 50% HP.

Add to that the high armor and excellent stats that TB tends to have and you’ll start to realize why this hero can be extremely strong. But in pubs, and especially at low MMR, he’s not.

Divine and Immortal players currently pick him in less than 3% of games, and they succeed with him in roughly 46.4% of cases. If we go down to Legend, his pick rate is less than 2% and his success rate is 41.6%, which is absolutely abysmal.

Overall, TB’s win rate is 43.1% and his pick rate is 1.7%, which is not very good. But the hero itself is not that bad. Dota 2 patch 7.34e did not change him at all, and prior to that he was quite good. At The International 12, his win rate was 50% and he got picked in almost 20 games.



Terrorblade’s strengths and weaknesses

TB excels at farming and fighting. But only if he has a team that can frontline for him. On top of that, he tends to be weak while his Metamorphosis is on cooldown. In order to be successful, he needs to have his +550 attack range and +60 damage. These buffs last for 35 – 50 seconds. But the ability itself has a cooldown of 150s, which is worse than most ultimates.

This problem makes TB strategies quite tricky. Your team needs to be very disciplined, understanding when it can fight and when it can’t. In pubs, that’s rarely the case.

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