TenZ says that Fnatic are the favorite to win VALORANT Champions 2023

Only a few hours before the VALORANT Champions 2023 playoffs officially kick off, many in the community have started... Eduardo | 16. August 2023

Only a few hours before the VALORANT Champions 2023 playoffs officially kick off, many in the community have started picking their favorites to lift the championship trophy. Professional players are no exception; some have given their opinions on which team they see as favorites to win the tournament.

In one of his most recent streams, Tyson “TenZ” Ngo, the superstar of VCT Americas League’s Sentinels, said that Fnatic are the favorite (for him) to lift the VALORANT Champions 2023 championship trophy.

There is no doubt that this is an “easy” choice for many in the community, considering the spectacular level of play that Fnatic has shown throughout the season. However, for a player of TenZ’s stature to say it so confidently only makes us think that no team can match up to the black&Orange.

TenZ says Fnatic are the favorites to win VCT Champions 2023

Indeed, 8 teams are still alive in the tournament, so all 8 have the same chance to lift the champions trophy. However, according to TenZ, Fnatic are the favorite to lift the VALORANT Champions 2023 champions trophy.

In one of his latest broadcasts on Twitch, the community asked TenZ about his opinion regarding the match between Fnatic and LOUD that will be played in the coming hours. Remember that this is a mind-blowing clash since both teams are considered TOP 2 in the world in the VALORANT competitive scene. Now, TenZ, when asked by his fans in the Twitch chat, only referred to Fnatic with praise and, finally, said that he expects them to be one of the finalists.

As we can see and hear in the video, TenZ mentions that Fnatic is the favorite to win the match against LOUD and, above all, to win the tournament. However, he also believes that LOUD can make a surprise, as they are the current champions of VALORANT Champions 2022. Similarly, TenZ believes it is a very small possibility, considering that Fnatic will sweep all 2023 events.

Fnatic and its dominance on the international scene

Fnatic largely dominates the international VALORANT scene, as they have managed to lift the champions trophy at VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paulo 2023 and VCT Masters Tokyo 2023. As a result, the community, players, and bookmakers are giving Fnatic as clear favorites to take home the VALORANT Champions 2023 trophy.

In the Group Stage of the VCT Champions 2023, they had two excellent victories against ZETA Division and Bilibili Gaming, which clearly showed that they keep their level of play sky-high.

Now, in the playoffs, they will have to play an “early final” against LOUD, as there is no doubt that it will be a much more complicated challenge to overcome. After this tournament, the Brazilian squad is immersed in rumors of restructuring the squad. However, LOUD qualified in an extremely difficult group by beating two EMEA powers, NaVi and Team Liquid. Moreover, remember that the latter was the only team to beat Fnatic in 2023. In addition, they did it in the Grand Final of the VCT EMEA League 2023.

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