Team Spirit joins ESL Impact with a new women’s CS:GO roster

The incursions of large organizations worldwide into women’s esports continue. This time it is Team Spirit, one of the... Eduardo | 21. March 2023

The incursions of large organizations worldwide into women’s esports continue. This time it is Team Spirit, one of the most important organizations in Russia, who decides to join the ESL Impact League with a women’s roster.

More and more organizations are deciding to take this step. There is no doubt that it is something phenomenal that renowned teams decide to support female talent, which, it is no secret, is often wholly excluded.

Team Spirit announces its female CS:GO lineup

After what has been observed in recent weeks, with significant esports organizations signing female lineups for the ESL Impact League, there is no doubt that the third season of this tournament will be one of the most important so far. Last Saturday, March 18, the organization announced the signing of the MVP girls, who are part of the European region and are currently playing in Group A.

As the press release says, this announcement marks the Russian organization’s first foray into women’s esports. Several months ago, Team Spirit had stated that they intended to make this move; however, the organization claims they were not yet fully prepared for it. After several months of searching, MVP was the roster that convinced them to sign.

Let’s meet Spirit Female

Let’s start with Svetlana “suns1de” Mevlid, the youngest player on the team and eager to prove herself. On the other hand, Jammie “Jammie” Alagozova will be in charge of bringing experience and calmness to a team that is full of young players.

Lea “Xia” Vagová, meanwhile, is the team’s IGL and is undoubtedly the mainstay of the now Spirit Female. The Slovakian carried her team (former MVP) to the qualification for this ESL Impact League Season 3. Finally, we have Mirte “Moraltis” Horemans and Justina “Tynka” Ducká, who has also played in other teams with Xia. Their synergy within the server can be fundamental for the team’s future.

So, Spirit Female’s lineup is as follows:

  • Lea “Xia” Vagová
  • Justina “Tynka” Ducká
  • Mirte “Moraltis” Horemans
  • Svetlana “suns1de” Mevlid
  • Jammie “Jammie” Alagozova
  • Aleksey “Nevar” Voronov – Head Coach

Before the organization announced, the MVP girls, now Spirit Female, had already played their first two matches in the ESL Impact League S3, losing both of them. However, this young lineup did not favor their group at all, as they had to face none other than Nigma Galaxy, the best CS:GO women’s team in the world, in the debut.

Then, in the second match of week 1, the Spirit Female girls faced Astralis Fe, and after a close BO3, they ended up losing with a tight score of 1-2.

About Aleksey “Nevar” Voronov

Finally, we have Nevar, the Head Coach of the team for this season 3 of the ESL Impact League. There is no doubt that Nevar is a very experienced personality in the competitive CS:GO scene; although he did not have a successful career as a player, the 27-year-old Russian has been linked to different organizations in his coaching career such as Trasko Esports, ENTERPRISE, 9 Pandas, INVSN Team and now Spirit Female.

Nevar is not very optimistic about his team this season, as he says in an interview that he does not expect Spirit Female to have important results. But on the other hand, he points out that he wants the girls to have great chemistry and adapt to the competitive scene in this ESL Impact League Season 3.

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