Elite League Stage 1 Round 1 Results

The first day of Elite League stage 1 is over and many of the results indicate that some of... Radu M. | 31. March 2024

The first day of Elite League stage 1 is over and many of the results indicate that some of the former giants are attempting to make a comeback. We can’t say for sure at this point that Nigma Galaxy and Team Secret will advance to stage 2, but the way the play gives us hope.

This phase of the tournament uses a modified Swiss System Format in which the matches are best-of-three. Because of that, there is plenty of action to watch every day. On day 1, eight matches were played and many of them needed three games to conclude.


Team Secret won 2 – 0 against Virtus.pro after VP tried two strategies that looked great on paper and resulted in a substantial networth lead during the games, but eventually proved to be insufficient.

Puppey drafted heroes like Lifestealer, Leshrac, and lots of supposedly dead heroes that never get picked in pubs, such as Batrider and Beastmaster. He should have lost, but he still won with them.

Talon won 2 – 1 against Rest Farmers, which was partly expected.

HEROIC continue to surprise us. They managed to beat Tundra 2 – 1 and look like they could win against Entity too.

9Pandas lost against Entity using two almost identical drafts. Their opponents responded in kind and had a good time using Leshrac, Disruptor, and Rubick.

Nigma Galaxy had to play three games against Razor and managed to win twice, using greedy heroes like Anti-Mage and Morphling. It seems that the team is currently playing a 4+1 strategy in every game. Everyone’s job is to make sure that Miracle- has a good game. As long as that happens, the team will succeed.

Sumail is much more active in the early game in KuroKy’s new strat. We’ll have to see what happens in the next matches but this 2 – 1 victory against Aurora is a good sign.

BOOM Esports defeated PSG Quest after losing game 1 in just 26 minutes. This was a great comeback for them, enabled by a clever Rubick pick.

OG struggled against Blacklist International and lost game 1. But in the next two games, they played much better and used Batrider to perfection. They picked the hero in all three games, so they clearly know something we don’t.

Nouns were expected to demolish KEV and they did. The games lasted just 30 and 25 minutes. Both times, Fly picked Terrorblade against the Chinese squad.