Stavn and jabbi are reportedly close to joining Astralis

According to reports, Heroic’s drama will soon help Astralis in a big way, because both stavn and jabbi will... Radu M. | 16. November 2023

According to reports, Heroic’s drama will soon help Astralis in a big way, because both stavn and jabbi will be joining the Danish team. The players they will replace will be among these three: Buzz, Staehr, and b0RUP.

No doubt, blameF and dev1ce have grown a bit tired of carrying the team and feel like more could be achieved with stronger teammates.

The details of the upcoming transfer are not yet known. However, many believe that if the transfer goes through, it would change things considerably and would be the two Danish organizations, Heroic and Astralis, bitter enemies.

What the future may hold

Heroic worked hard to build a solid roster that had the potential to win every tournament. Then, out of the blue, the players no longer got along with each other and cadiaN wanted some changes. His vision wasn’t approved, so he immediately got benched. But when that decision was made by the org, stavn and jabbi were supposed to stay.

Soon after, they announced their desire to leave the club, leaving the team in tatters. In the coming weeks, we will likely find out what Heroic has decided to do and who the replacements will be. Right now, all we know is that dupreeh was signed, which is certainly a step in the right direction.

Will a strong player like s1mple or sh1ro join as well? If that happens, Heroic’s new roster will be very powerful and after a few months, hardly anyone will feel the absence of the players who left.

The only problem here is that fans tend to follow individuals more than teams. If they enjoyed watching and cheering for cadiaN, replacing him with a Russian or a Ukrainian player, no matter how good, won’t feel the same. At least in the beginning.

There’s also the language barrier. When everyone is from the same country, it’s much easier to communicate and the vibe is homogenous. If you bring even a single foreigner, those benefits go away and need to be compensated with pure skill. No doubt, both s1mple and sh1ro would be able to do that. But can they adapt to the new game?

Right now, everyone expects Heroic to find new Danish players to join them. Or perhaps some Swedish players. Finnish players would also be a great option, but who could join at this time?

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